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I have been a customer of Cricket communication for almost a year and a half. The very first payment that I made to the company was an electronic funds transfer from my bank's online bill pay option. Cricket lost my payment, and the first I knew about it was they had my service shut off. When I went to find out what happened, I was told I didn't pay my bill. I showed them my bank statements, and was told that they had to "investigate" where the funds had gone. Meanwhile, my service is off, and I needed it back on, so I went to my bank, explained that Cricket had lost my money, and canceled the funds transfer. I immediately went to the Cricket website and paid my bill there. I still had to go back to the Cricket store to get them to take off the 15 dollar fee for having to disconnect my service before they would turn my phone back on. But ever since then, I have been denied customer service through their phone contact centers AND their website. The only thing I CAN do is pay my bill. When I call their 611 number, I am told that they cannot access my account and that I will have to go into a Cricket store. When I go to the store, I am told that since I cannot call the 611 number that the contact center is the only entity that can fix the problem. I am getting the run around from everyone, even the managers. I was told this issue would automatically resolve itself, because I was penalized with a 6 month penalty flag on my account for STOPPING PAYMENT ON A CHECK. Which isn't what happened at all. So, its been over a year and a half later, and I still cannot use the customer service functions that are available to me as a paying customer.

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      14th of May, 2010

    I purchased a second mobile broadband device and had a similar experience. They charged my credit card for one amount and credited my account for almost $57 less. Then my husband goes to the store because he has a problem with the new device and they tell him they are going to shut off service because the last payment on the first device was rejected by the credit card company. So he pays them a check for $70 they claim is owing.

    I then call the credit card company and the lady tells me that Cricket ran the charges through with no expiration date so, of course, the charge was rejected. I get back in town and go to the store with all the documentation to show my credit card was charged one amount and the account credited for a much lesser amount. The gal at the store did at least respond to my email and tell me she had turned it over to a billing specialist but that has been weeks ago. I am exercising my rights with my credit card company to deny the charges but reading through the complaints listed here, I bet they shut off my service even though its their error.

    BTW, I started out calling customer service and dropped that idea immediately. They barely speak English and cannot understand most of what you are saying. In my case, they said they couldn't help and I would have to go to the store.

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