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My complaint isn’t with creepy hollows its with the sellers who are trashing them all over the web. I read the ch article on the trashing on the internet by sellers. They have been harassed by the group of sellers for long time now & I don’t think its right. Creepyhollows has changed my life for good in lots of ways & I’m going to stand up for them. There site has helped lots of people without taking money for it & they are with a group of good sellers who help people for free.

Ch is to modest to stand up for themselves but I think all us who ch has helped should stand up against this fake bad posts by the sellers. Where would we be if we didn’t have ch all this time? Creepy Hollows are good people who do good things.


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A  25th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I agree with the above post. Creepy Hollows have been more than helpful to many people; before their forum, I couldn't find a place to ask questions about items, or find a like minded community of people who feel the same. The paranormal isn't the kind of subject that one can discuss with many people without them giving you strange looks.

And I'm sure that there may be some people who for whatever reason are unhappy with Creepy Hollows; some buyers expect instant results-money falling from the sky, full fledged sightings of the spirits etc...and some sellers are pissed that they have lost business because many are no longer flocking to buy their photo shopped smoke and mirror items, but those are the breaks.

The sad thing is that the paranormal community which already suffers plenty from outside negative sources, also gets the inside hits as well; even people who state that they have never none business with CH, have posted stuff here. As a buyer from CH, and different sellers, I say CREEPY HOLLOWS, KEEP ON SOARING I WISH YOU NOTHING BUT THE BEST.
A  30th of Jan, 2009 by 
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First, let me state that I am, indeed, a real person. I am not an alter ego of another, I am just me, with my own views and opinions that have been formed from my experiences.

That being said, I became interested in the paranormal last year. I muddled around a bit until I found the Creepy Hollows website. What a learning experience! Even if you do nothing more than read the information in the Encyclopedia and browse the readily available information that is shared by the members there, I GUARANTEE you'll be busy reading and learning for hours, if not days.

All of this if provided for free. People have the ability to discuss and help each other with their items, again, for free. People who are interested in the paranormal rarely have a safe haven to discuss ideas and thoughts but Magnolia and Ash provide that.

They also provide a place to share experiences with other sellers. Some sellers have less than stellar reports while others almost glow with recommendations but, the fact is, everyone is able to share their individual experience. There are no sellers, to my knowledge, who have had all negative comments nor are there sellers who have all positive. The great thing is that everyone who reads that board makes up their OWN mind as to who they choose to buy from.

I have purchased active items from sellers who have few followers. I have purchased "ok" items from a seller who is many peoples favorite. These purchases were my own, informed decisions. No one force fed me or harrassed me to buy or say anything at all.

I enjoy my time spent on the CH website and with CH people. It's a great place, with great people, items and...it feels a lot like a cozy little bookstore filled with interesting characters.
A  30th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Magnolia and Ash are super people. The quaility of their offerings is phenonemal. The forum was started so paranormal
keepers could share experiences. CH doesn't make any money off this forum, there are not fees to belong, but I do know they
have had to expand (and pay more) for the website a number of times.

They have published an encyclopedia that is the best I have ever seen in any venue.

Magnolia and Ash have changed my life.
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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I am a very satisfied CH customer & forum member. I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiments expressed above. Magnolia & Ash are most definitely Good People.
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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I, also, wholeheartedly endorse all of the previous sentiments.

Magnolia and Ash of Creepy Hollows are, Hands Down, the best of the best. As has already been stated, they readily share the most voluminous amount of information on their web site for absolutely NO COST to anyone who wishes to visit. The information is very clear and concise and is not presented in an archaic fashion. They have created a safe, sane and educational environment for those of us who have a passion for the field and for any who simply desire to find some information and conversation on the subject.

They have extended their hand of 'welcome' even to other practitioners who join in on the conversations on the site and also even 'share' their wares in an auction environment. I truly have not found any others who do this to date. Creepy Hollows is a second home to many of us and it is a true 'Mansion' of a home!
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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I agree with all the things said about CH. They truly are a wonderful site and I hope more people fall upon them, as it has been a wonderful journey working with them, as well as learning from them! As a novice to the entire paranormal, I would have to say that these people are the real thing. Not only that, they also post the items of many other seller, from whom I have had the opportunity to do business with. SO I stand by them and support them!
A  10th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Working for over 22 years in the paranormal field I have to say that this is the best store/forum/website that I have ever come across. The people friendly and helpful and they are always going out of thier way to see that everyone has all the help they need be it in the store or the forum, and the website has the most extensive information on it that anyone could hope to find.
A  14th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I'm a little late but, the comment is very well spoken.

Magnolia and Ash seem to give so very much away (i.e. free spells, free dream interpretation, free information, free spell work for the disadvantaged) I don't see how they profit.

I am irritated about the trash talk, too. Some of it, unfortunately, has stemmed from people on the forum and I think I'm probably going to avoid the CH forum due to that. Statistically speaking, one is six people who get frustrated and leave a group will tell the owner why. The other five will simply walk away.

None of the trash talk originated with Magnolia or Ash, by the way. Part of me wonders, if other sellers join forums to cause trouble. Still, I want no part of it.

I wonder, though, why some magickal people focus so much of their energy harassing other sprits rather than use that energy for self-improvement.

That behavior brings the entire profession down a notch.
D  2nd of May, 2009 by 
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91 days ago I posted here with very positive and glowing remarks for CH. At this time I wish to WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY RETRACT ANY POSITIVE STATEMENTS that I have made regarding them.

91 days ago was well before it came to my attention that Creepy Hollows had dealings with and even protected many frauds. Even though I have received SOME (not ALL... only SOME) items from them that appear to be authentic they do not ALL seem to be. It also seems as if they are acting in tandem with another site, Haunted Curiosities, which has a literal Cult following of people who believe whatever their leader, DeeDee Doughty, tells them. Creepy Hollows allows DD to say and do whatever she pleases on their site and this is usually to slander and berate others, especially sellers who are doing well for themselves, and also advertise for smear chats regarding individuals who disagree and oppose her. To allow this activity on your forum is to condone it and even be a PART of it. I have PROOF that these two sites are joined and act as 'one'. Just seeing their initials together is as if one is looking into a mirror: CH / HC

The proof is here: http://aokbyme.blogspot.com/search?q=fighting+the+filth

This is a direct 'path' to where someone linked a photo of myself to this place. You will clearly notice the distasteful title: Fighting the Filthy and than you can clearly see: www.hauntedcuriosities.com and then beneath that Creepy Hollows and beneath that 'created by DeeDee'... I could not view this forum as it was INVITATION ONLY. This is NOT something that anyone of WHITE LIGHT does.. PERIOD. It is also not something somebody HONEST and GOOD does. The proof is here... there is more proof on the aokbyme site as well, you just have to look for it.
D  8th of May, 2009 by 
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All of the glowing comments have been posted by Creepyhollows themselves. This happens on almost every free forum on the Internet because CreepyHollows is extremely overprotective when it comes to their image. She must spend day and night making up different aliases to sing her own praises.But then again, if you are dumb enough to spend money on a GARGOYLE, then you deserve to be duped just like they have duped others.

A  8th of May, 2009 by 
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even MORE than suggested here

I am most positive that some will know who I am since I do not hide. I am not a seller but I know that I and those who are 'associated' with me most openly and directly are CLEAN.

D  15th of May, 2009 by 
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Creepy Hollows make unsubstantiated claims, offer up bizzare statistics as evidence where there is no such thing, refuse point blank to answer reasonable questions put to them in regard to their claims, hide behind rhetoric and the age old "I don't have to prove anything to you' nonsense when pressed for anything even resembling a fact to back up their theories, and then, when they realise they can't offer proof of any kind or answer any question or remark that dares go beyond the usual 'you're wonderful' comments, they do the really adult and intelligent thing and block access to their site and their shop! Is that really the way a business with nothing to hide operates? I don't think so.

Just in case (heaven forfend) Creepy Hollows admin should be reading this: what on earth is the sense of sending me an email and then blocking my ability to read it? That just about sums you up I think.
I have done as I said I would and contacted pharmaceutical companies with reference to the claims you make about drugs. I actually put to them the reasons you give for coloured labelling on medicines and the effect that drugs can have on contacting 'enchants' which you made a specific claim to (Not my claim folks, all down to Creepy Hollows - I've still go the emails.) Funnily enough, they haven't answered me yet...

Here's a thought -would a company which purports to enable spiritual contact and who would appear to want to engender the idea that such contact is natural, good and helpful really call it 'Creepy' Hollows? Doesn't the word 'Creepy' denote something sinister and dark? Just a thought.
D  15th of May, 2009 by 
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Just follow this link:


'nuff said.
A  25th of May, 2009 by 
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Creepy Hollows ROCKS my socks!! 50-60% off all week long!!! Cmon what ya'll waiting for? Get over there like yesterday. I have been a customer now for about a year...totally impressed...totally happy with my purchases!! Lots of information on the site to help you learn along the way!! 50-60% off this week!! 50-60% off every Wednesday!! What more could we ask for? I am the proud owner of several dragon spirits and other enchanted vessels. Each one of my purchases has been extra special to me. Creepy Hollows treats me like a friend..not just a customer!!
D  25th of May, 2009 by 
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HAHAHAHa Look at creepyhollows trying to make a sale in the post above this. Even after she has been outed and has a class action lawsuit pending against her, she is still trying to make a sale. It looks so sad doesn't it? Like a washed up circus clown trying to sell a deflated balloon. LMAO
N  25th of May, 2009 by 
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I am a real customer...not the owner of the site...look who is pathetic??? It isn't me..it is you! You must watch these boards like a hawk to reply that fast to my comment. Why not let the light and love into your soul instead of bad mouthing other people to suit your needs.
N  22nd of Jan, 2010 by 
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I am a former Creepy hollows forum member./ Kicked OFF and threatened because I would not down their competition. CH has snowballed those of you who actually think the forum is real! She earases what she does not want seen! She send people to attack people and if you say no You are threatened by her and her other cronies! Yes she can watch the board like a hawk because she has about 10 inside posted who pose as other people doing so! We all had the right to change posts, post as numerous people, and attack who she says.

I also need to say that she has been attacked by bad people too. Meena and her cronies are just as bad and magnolia laughed when Meena added some of the wrong names as her cronies to the list.. So MEENA has no idea either but all you have to do is watch the marketplace to see who is up her butt and who isn't! The problem with Meena is that she has no idea! She herself is an artist not a metaphysical expert this is where she went wrong!

I just leave with one statement.. do not believe the lies!

Creepyhollows are not white light. they will attack anyone!

Thery are not there to hellp. Their forum and who website is nothing but to draw business to themselves. Nothing more! this is business! Not truth! Wake Up! Heck, I could afford a sale too if my prices were sky high!
A  1st of Feb, 2010 by 
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Creepy Hollows brainwash people into believing they are Gods. If you read the forum the people there really think Magnolia and Ash are Gods. They would eat their poop if Magnolia and Ash told them too.

Look at the members in that forum. They are desparate. Most of them have no life. They're stay at home moms, anti-social, have some kind of mental disorder, etc. Magnolia and Ash are taking advantage of them and milking them dry.

Creepy Hollows are friends with Haunted Curiousities. The little cat fights they have in the forum is just a front. Magnolia wants her forum member to look at her like an Angel. That's why she doesn't stand up to DeeDee. The truth is it's all an act. Creepy Hollows gets the sales and the forum members kiss her butt.

Power is corrupt and Creepy Hollows will be struck by the lightning of God very soon. And all their followers will go down with them.
A  1st of Feb, 2010 by 
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And another thing - Creepy Hollows partners with other sellers. They are one big cult. If you go on ebay a lot of the sellers there are partners with them - cpak ghost, a_new_gold_dawn, moonstar7spirits, etc

Look at person who started this post. Magnolia posted it in her forum and then told everybody to come here and say nice things about CH. It's all crap!!

Magnolia has her watchdogs in the forum. They abuse other members that don't agree with them and Magnolia just sits back and does nothing. Then they ban you if try to stand up for yourself.

Anybody who doesn't kiss Magnolia and Ash ### gets banned. CH is one big cult and if you don't follow them then they get their members to harrass you.

Hell already has a place reserved for Magnolia, Ash and all of their followers!
A  1st of Feb, 2010 by 
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Mongrella why don't you tell everybody about your suicide attempt. She posted in the CH forum that she tried to commit suicide because one of her vampires influenced her.

See what I mean about the kind of members CH has. A mentally unstable person trying to commit suicide because her spirit influenced her? You need professional psychiatric help.

She won't spend the money to go a doctor or counsellor. But she'll spend hundreds of dollars on CH items! LOL

Why don't you just go full out and tell them the Devil made you do it?! LOL

Oh wait, Magnolia and Ash do work for the Devil. LOL

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