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Credit Solutions of America / Don't sign up with them

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I am a current employee for Richardson based Credit Solutions. I have something that should be brought out to the public. This company is misleading customers. They are ripping people off!

Credit Solutions is a debt settlement company. They settle customer's accounts. But there is a lot of misleading the customers. They charge 15% of the total debt for their services. All the company does is advice customers to stop paying their bills and promises they can settle for a low amount of money. The sales department just wants people to sign up so they can start to drain people's bank accounts. The company only calls the creditors if the client has money to settle accounts. Clients are misled to believe Credit Solutions will stop any late charges or other fees. They won't help the client if they don't have any money. They don't care if the client is going to be sued and will not offer legal help in any way. They only want to speak with customers with money to settle. Supervisors will not talk to escalated calls that need to be helped. All they care about is being off the phones and making sure all employees are hitting their calls and only helping customers that have money to settle accounts. I actually try to help customers cancel out of the program to save the money being taken. The customer could have used that money to save or put towards their accounts, instead of paying Credit Solutions to just sit there and do nothing. That's all they do there is sit there and do nothing. Just google search credit solutions complaints and you will see what I'm talking about.

I'm only working there because it’s real hard to find a job these days. As soon as I find something else I will be quitting. I'm really sick of working here and can not wait to get out. I feel sick at my stomach working for this company, knowing they only care about people not cancelling out and keeping the monthly fees to continue to drain customer's accounts.

I really think this company needs to be investigated and brought out to the public. There are some class action law suits on the company, and rightfully so. They delete records from old accounts and get rid of documents all the time. Working there is like going through a revolving door. They hire in huge numbers to get their numbers up then start to *** people out like they're trash off the street. It goes in cycles. It’s ridiculous here. I can give you inside information on this company. I can give you an interview and details on this dishonest company.

I would be glad to give you any information. I am filing complaints to the Better Business Bureau, EEOC, The Federal Trade Commission and any other agencies and/or organizations to help expose this company.

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  • Ju
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    Hi, I would love some information, if there is any way to get back all the monthly payments we have made to them the past year.! I just talked to a representative today to get an update of whats going on with our account and how it's building up. Because to my understanding of what they told me was that we pay them $136.00 a month, they take out a small percentage for their "service fee", and the rest builds up in an account for them to pay our creditors. I am not stupid, I wish I could go back to all my previous conversations with them, because I asked a lot of questions and obviously they lied to me somehwere.
    So I have come to realize today after talking to them, that they have not done anything to negotiate with my creditors, all she kept asking was have I been receiving any letters from them, or any calls. Because they care, right? The last twelve months of payments I have made which I thought was helping pay off my credit has been going to them for doing nothing.
    I thought I did the research in finding a good company to help my family, and it makes me ill knowing I have been scammed. I don't know how I'm going to tell my husband.

    Please let me know if there is any way to get my money back. It even says after you google "credit solutions", 100% money back if not satisfied, but when I click on the link to go to the page I can't find anything about it. Please help me.

  • Sh
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    Hi, I have signed up with Credit Solutions and have already sent them $564.00 to "help" me with my creditors. I am very unhappy with them as I keep receiving phone calls and they don't seem to be doing ANYTHING to hlep me! I really would like my money back and to get rid of the worthless company. Any possibility of this happening? Thanks for whatever help you can give me.


  • St
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    These son of a ### worthless thievin ###s should be hungup by their balls!!! I joined these crooks about a year and half ago. They did NOTHING for me except cause me MORE FINANCIAL problems and Stress and Grie[censored]
    They are the lowest of the low !!! Every single person that works for this company should spend the rest of their lives behind ###in bars!!! I am EXTREMELY PISSED off at them!!!
    I ended up settling 90 % of my debts on my own !!! They did nothing but take my money and are still doing so !!!
    I sent them a letter last month that I settled all my accounts and to stop taking payments out of my checking account and that they OWE ME a LOT of money back !!!
    Now today I went to my online banking account and these worthless ###S took out another $ 712.00 dollars!!! I am so VERY Upset at myself for getting involevd with these ###s!!!
    How can such companys be able to be in business ripping people off of great sums of money???!!! Why arent they stopped from financial killing people !!! I joined them when I was DESPERATE ...VERY DESPERATE in finding a solution to paying off my creditors !!! When people are desperate for help they will try anything and these ### know this !!! They are praying on people at their MOST VENERABLE ...STRESSful time in their lives!!!
    I had noticed Credit Solutions a couple of years ago on a popular talk show. Stupidly I thought hey this talk show must have done their research into this company for them to be recommending them to their LARGE AUDIENCE. Im thinkin they must be ok...maybe they can help me !!!
    HELL NO !!! HELP???!!! hahahahaha... Thats the LAST thing they are going to do !!! Again can they stay in business...??? Why isnt the government shutting them down ???!!! How can people work for this company knowing the damage they are inflicting upon people that already are in a world of financial trouble !!! How could this be???!!!
    I know one thing...if its the last thing I do...Im NOT going to let them get away with this !!!


    What ever you do...DO NOT join Credit Solutions and/or any other such financial companys!!! They will only make matters MUCH WORSE than they are!!! Call the creditors and you make the deals with them...they are willing to cut the balance down least they were before this financial disaster the countrys in right now. I dont know if thats changed any.

    Anyway...Stay far far far far far AWAY from CREDIT SOLUTIONS!!!

  • Ke
      30th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    The HR department of the company I recently went to work for "Credit Solutions" told several lies to every new hire I've spoken to.
    I specifically told the HR guy I wasn't interested in doing any "cold calling". He told me that I would only be calling people who had gone on line and specifically asked to be contacted by our company.
    After two weeks of calling people who said they didn't request any information from us and had no clue as to how we even got their information, and worse yet people who scream and curse into the phone because they've been called by 20 people at our company multiple times and told the reps and even e-mailed them to remove them from our list. I finally went and had a talk with the manager of the training department and found out they are buying list from other companies who may or may not have anything to do with credit problems such as mortgage loan companies.
    He seemed shocked (or at least pretended to be) that we were TOLD by our trainer to ignore notes in the system and to go ahead and call people who had asked to not be called. We were also told in training to tell client's that we would settle their debt by 50% or less. Two days ago we were told to stop saying that.
    This company can not do business in at least 12 states and is being sued by the state of Texas and (I think Missouri) too. The AG of Texas is investigating them and God knows who else.
    I feel tricked into being promised a three figure income and I'm driving 3 hours a day round trip to get minimum wage. I went off unemployment to take this job and now because of the price of gas I'm making less than I was.
    I wonder what to do?

  • No
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    Before you accept that great job with any debt settlement company consider this:

    1. They suck you in pump you up and make you think you are doing the right thing.
    2. What if someone gets sued? Just exactly what do they do if someone gets sued?
    3. What happens to all the interest and fees that are added to the debt as it ages?
    4. Yeah they will likely settle but now that the debt has doubled and they settle it for half, did you just pay the original amount anyway?

    Sales 101.1. (What they do not want you to know)
    I want you to know that everything the person on the phone tells you is from a carefully crafted script, designed to maintain control of the conversation. A good salesperson will deflect your questions until a specific part of the script. This way he/she can go to the objections section and “overcome your objections” Each sales person has a script of what to say and when to say. It even what emotions to use when talking or leaving a message. They have scripts of the most common objections and how to respond to them. So any question you have there is a script for it. Any reason you have to question if they are on the level, there is a script of that too. These people have more scripts than an iphone has apps. The emails are designed to make you feel like they are trying to help you and you are refusing help. Also every voicemail is scripted. They are not the only ones who do this. Most of the time when you get a sales call they are following a script designed to control the conversation and get you to agree with what you are being told.


    Just remember EVERYTHING they say is from a script, even the humor.

  • St
      10th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    They recently called me even though I never signed up for them. They said you had to have come to our website and signed up because we have all your info. I told them they obviously don't know how the internet and random clicking does to info. Only thing I've done is sign up for a magazine. They ninja information from from you to get a hold of you and call persistently. Then they say you need to sign up for this even though you've never heard of them, you say no 15 times, then they ask for your social security and they wonder why you wont give them 70 -100 dollars a month. This company sounds like bad new automatically the way the try to get people to sign up. Just saying.

  • Jm
      23rd of Dec, 2010
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    I just cancelled my account with credit solutions and they still withdrew $283.50 from my account after they sent me an e-mail confirming that my account with them had been cancelled. I am so upset because it is Christmas and i needed that money! I am going to try to pay off my debt by negotiating myself. I don't feel good about the way Credit Solutuions wanted me to do it, by not paying at all! I would like any information you may have to get reimbursed for the money that was removed illegally and if there is any chance I could retrieve any of the money removed from my account while in the "program" and nothing was done?


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