Crate And Barrel / Dissapointing customer service

United States

I ordered the desk and the book cases. I've been waiting for them to be delivered for two weeks. Guess what. I didn't expect them to be delivered to 6 different packages with two different delivery services. I tried really hard to rearrange the delivery schedules but I heard that they don't indicate the schedule or I have to pick them up by myself. After hours of phone calls, the only solution was that I have to rent a truck to pick the packages since they can't fit my car. The worst part was that FEDEX office that could hold the packages was located so far away from my home and work so that I had to spend more than three hours to pick them up. I talked to the customer service twice and explaned my situation to see if there is any other option that I can pick them up in different locations. But they talked like a machine repeating the same words. Even the customer service manager, Nicle talked like a machine, too. The only thing that I could do was to pay my shipping fee but return the packages.I expected some kind of apology at least since they didn't indicate two different delivery services in their web-site but what I heard was cold rude machinary voices without any kind of apology. It was quite unpleasant. I have been a big fan of this store but I was extremely disappointed by the quality of the service they could provide. Watch out.

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