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Australia Review updated:

The newest 5 episodes of days of our lives have skipped a heap of episodes, Sonny and Paul have gone from a hospital bed scene by Brady's side to an episode where they are suddenly stranded on an island? Also Chad and Gabby are kissing and getting it on? That's not what's happening in the TV series currently.

What's going on? Someone's stuffed up I think.

Episode 13081 isn't the next episode for this week?

I'd appreciate a reply.

May 7, 2018
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  • Ia
      20th of Mar, 2019

    days of our lives is nothing but pornography showing two guys in bed is wrong . And to say being an illegal alien is NOT okay as of today i will NEVER watch it again I HOPE THEY CANCELL IT and I HAVE BEEN WATCHING IT SINCE 1985 I AM DONE

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