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CR England / Still getting screwed

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This is the second time I have leased. Like many other people here, I was lured not only by our current economy, but by the promise of MILES. Now my first couple months were not bad. Then I got into the container fleet based out of Colorado. Talk about screwed big time. The DM's in this fleet would give me the wrong info to give at the ports to get a container/genset/chassis released to me and I would wind up sitting at the port Oakland or Long Beach for the weekend. The DM Shaun would promise me compensation, and he never delivered. I was recruited into the fleet and quoted a wrong pay scale, which I was told I would be compensated for, it never happened. In this same fleet I would sit at pork plants for up to two days with no detention pay whatsoever.

Now back in a general North American fleet, I am lucky if I get 2300 miles a week. I will get to my delivery anywhere from 3 hours to 18 hours early, be unloaded, ready to go for the day and then my next load does not pick up till the next night. So there is another almost 2 days sitting with no income. I am also a trainer. I still have only one 4000+ mile week as a trainer since November. My last apprentice, going into his third week had only gotten 5200 miles in two weeks. You have read how the apprentice gets paid 57 dollars a day during training. 37 dollars of that is taken from the trainer’s pocket, because, and I quote a high ranking CR England employee..."you trainers are getting the big miles, and making the big bucks..."

My last apprentice will even tell you that he shouldn't even have his CDL, because during his CDL test, the CRE DOT evaluator was shifting the truck for this student during his DOT CDL test!!!

The only guys making money at CRE are the guys in the Autoliv, Hershey's, and fleets like that. I was given 6 days to run a Walmart apple load, with an apprentice, and was told we could not be taken off the walmart load, and had to sit it out. So I dropped the apprentice off in Indiana and got him with a trainer from the Hershey's fleet. It's really motivating to see your apprentice getting a 300 dollar check and you as a lease operator get a 45 dollar check.

And don't even call your IC advocate. I had an IC advocate tell me "...well you are clearing 503 dollars a week...what's the problem????

The only thing keeping me afloat right now is the detention pay. I love getting beef loads at this point because I know they will be up to 20 hours late loading and I get 26 dollars an hour to sit there.

No truck driving company has green grass. You can keep jumping from one company to the next, and within 3 years you probably will have driven for 5 companies.

If I can't make this work, to *** with truck driving. I would rather swallow my pride and go work a counter at a hotel in my hometown making the same crap money I am now but be home every night...

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  • So
      15th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yes, you think this company would be honest because they're supposed to be Christian (Mormon). Not the case. They will screw the driver out of every dime they can. They sure don't follow the golden rule of "do under others as they would do unto you". The folks in Salt Lake are getting nice paychecks while the guys working are getting deductions to support the corporate office. Drivers beware, these folks are not a good example of the Christian Faith. CR England equals BIG TIME SCAM!

  • 30
      16th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    These folks are prime examples of what it means to be a "Christian". Just look at the history of "Christianity"'s full of examples of deceit, cruelty, bigotry, fraud, and yes, even murder. A for "Mormons" being "Christians"...that debate is still ongoing. How can you claim to be a "Christian" when you worship a man, Joseph Smith and place him above Jesus?

  • Fe
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I don't care if you call it christian, buhdda, mormon, agnostic, or whatever.A theif is a theif & C.R. England is a company of thieves!
    I wasted six weeks of my life with them, they tried to ruin me.made me surrender my license in my home state.when I returned to my home state, they would not accept my utah comm. So, not only did they ### me out of my new carreer as a truck driver they ###ed me out of my former occupation as a auto mechanic!These people are desipicable.Not only are they crooks & liars, they are crooks & liars that victimize the they are trying to collect Three thousand dollars for their tuition!I lost ten times that in lost wages!Good luck with that!!! I will not give them a ###in advice to them is to keep their armed guards @ the corporate's just a matter of time before they need them!

  • Di
      12th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    yea ive been with them 6 months and all i have ever gotten on any paychecks is how much i owe the company no matter how much i gross several times i grossed over 2500.00 dollars and they say i owe the any where from 300.00 to 950.00 dollars and i watched my fuel costs closely and all me truck expenses

  • Ni
      5th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    i leased with them for 8 months and the only real complaint i can agree with is the lack of hometime!it takes an act of congress to get home! now as far as pay goes, you can take home between 5 and 8 hundred dollars a week leaseing solo and if you train around 1400 average breing home per week! not including hometime!i averaged about 4800 miles per week and yes there is some sit time! cant speak for dedicated routes as i only ran national !but the key to success there is not to let your dm manage you ! you have to manage yourself! wich means dont accept loads into dead markets and always communicate at least 24 hours in advance your estimated availability time!the only reason i left was to get home more often!

  • Ak
      28th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    CR England is in the leasing business, not only trucks but also cars ; transportation is a sideline. From day one of orientation a beautiful women with a great smile comes in the room and pushes "the lease program." If you do decide to lease, training newer drivers (then ones self), is recommended by CR England, in order to make more money. The reality though is to make that average $700.00 weekly payment it cost to lease a truck. Most transportation companies require drivers to have an average of one year experience, be a top notch driver, before they are considered for the extensive in class training program they require to become a Driver Trainer. At CR England, as long as you lease a truck from them, you can become a Driver Trainer after graduation from their school, as little as one month of O.T.R. experience and one day of in class training. Makes me wonder if the "lack of responsible training" is the reason why "roll overs, deaths" are on the rise at CR England. Also I wonder what Utah D.O.T. would do if they caught "wind" that a certain percentage of CR England Trainers do not do post-inspections that are required by both federal and state law. Sure they inter electronically that they do inspections, but to physically do the required inspection after each 10 hr driving speaks for itself.

  • An
      22nd of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    Very very true, CRE is a bull ### company, I to almost landed into their BS, My first trainer, oh boy was a real joke. First day I arrived into the Mira Loma yard to meet up with him, another employee walking by started talking to me and had informed me to run away from here as fast as possible, I thought at first oh here's a guy that just isent doing what he needs to do to make it, then getting on my trainers truck, "All I heard for 5 days was the same ### about how awefull this company is to work for. Plus I caught my trainer driving on my log time, first day when I had gotten on the truck the [censored]er tricked me, being green, watched me type my pass word in the qualcom, and was driving on my log time. I got the [censored] of his truck, reported it to my TM, who had informed me that he had numerouse complaints of the same actions.
    After getting a new trainer, which I can say was an awesum trainer, we ran western region.

    This poor guy had a prior trainee put his truck in a ditch and [censored]ed it up so it was in the shop for 45 days.
    Which he had to pay for all the repairs plus the down time of not hauling, yes he could of gotten a loaner while his truck was in the shop, but he had forgotten about that, and of course no one at CRE had brought it up to this guy about that option. So of course he's getting kicked out of his place he's staying at due to the domino affect of not having any income for that 45 days.
    I had gone through the Fontana School, so my CDL is from CA. so I dont have to worry about CRE thinking they can take mine, since CA is good through out all 48.
    They say that you'll get 26 cpm starting out after training, BS.
    Dont see how these companies get buy working the employees who are in training, that drive 11 hours a day 7 days a week, ### 4 dollars an hour.

    If you plan on attending one of CRE schools, dont sweat it, they will give you "all the answers to all the test"
    And you will pass your driving skills test no matter what. had some really bad class mates that should not of been allowed behind the wheel, that CRE pushed right through and got them their CDL.

    If you attend the Utah school, I was informed by the students there while I was considering going for the lease, that if you dose off in class they through a foam ball at you, if that doesnt get your attention, then they throw a bag of beans at you, ### throw a bag of beans at me, you'll get a chair in the air right back at you.

    Yes it is true, CRE is only in it for you to lease a truck, and if you do your at the mercy of them, my class mate who went down that road, well fist week he took home 214.00 dollars, for 7 days of driving, second week he cleared 45.00.

    CRE policy now is that every new trainee is to have 50/60 K miles prior to doing an upgrade, last month they had 9 roll overs, poor guys out there having to burn the candle at both ends hoping to bring enough money home.
    ###, if a person goes for 2nd seat all they get is 12 cpm, if you wanna go for a company position you will be sitting until they come up with a truck for ya, hope the school you are at is in your home town.

    This company needs to be shut down, DOT needs to due some under cover work on this one.
    Maybe it will save some lives.

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