Cox Communicationseverything... where do I begin?

This has been the worst experience. I'm so awestruck at how terrible this company conducts business, to include lying and deception, that I am almost speechless and that's saying a lot based on who I am. We were duped by the dude who helped me order service based on what I told him we needed, i'm sitting here being told we're going to get your basic cable channels, like cartoon network, e!, comedy central and all those... Well, we get here, get the service set up and we get an astounding 7 channels... But wait! There's more! We get those same 7 channels in hd so that counts as double the channels, and then we have 50 channels of to be announced on loop 24/7. Don't let these people fool you; do not trust them, make sure you break everything down barney style and make sure you see the list of exactly what you're going to get channel wise.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Virginia Beach, VA The internet service is hilarious; in tx we were getting 111 mbps and here the best cox can squeak out is 30 mbps. Ha! What is that?! And then you're going to charge me twice the price I was paying time warner/spectrum? And it's a shame because cox is the monopoly in our new location... Oh! And get this - we get our first day of mail and lo and behold there's a promotion from cox advertising 230+ channels and internet for $89.99. I guess my word to the wise is make sure the channels they are offering you aren't the same 7, plus those in hd and the rest tba channels that get no service. Maybe cox just thought we sounded like chumps who could be duped. Joke's on us, I suppose. Don't expect the people who get paid to pretend to care about your problem actually pretend to care, either. If you can, take your business and hard earned money elsewhere.

Feb 05, 2017

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