Couriers Pleasenot putting the client's name on the cards you leave at the door..

To whom it concerns...

I am writing this complaint to you cause I am sick of getting customers yelling at me cause they cant get their parcel... the main reason they cant get it from the service station i work at ..Bp .. is cause your drivers when they try to deliever at a customers house they leave a card.. with no name on it.. ..
so when the customer then brings it to a hubbed pickup.. they cant get it... we have rules to follow which are stricted... when it comes to giving out parcels.. so if your cards dont have a name... well do i need to say more.. it could be anyone coming in to say its their parcel...if its the wrong person then who fault is it???... not the hubbed.. but your drivers who are to lazy to write... not even a con-note number either... cmon

So my guestion to your company to get your drivers to write on the cards with the clients name on it so its easier for them to come to a anywhere to pick up their parcel with out any issue.. it will make life alot better for everyone involved...

Dont you think?

Nov 27, 2018

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