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Cottman Transmission / Beware

1 United States

I was sent to Cottman by my after market warranty company. I should have known they were trouble when Bill the guy at the front desk professed what a strong honest Christian he is. I took my car in to have the transmission rebuilt. They pulled the transmission apart and said they didn't find anything too out of the ordinary, but they couldn't begin rebuilding it until they heard back from the warranty company (which took 2 days). Then when they were almost finished rebuilding it they found a really big problem, one that required the part be sent to California for repair. They did not offer me any option on how to ship the part. I found out after waiting 10 days for it, that they could have overnighted it for around $100, but since most people don't want to pay that they just didn't offer it to me. Instead, I got to eat 3 weeks of car rental because of their oversight. I could have put a brand new transmission in. Then Bill let it slip that the transmission would last only 5 to 7 years, but that didn't matter because "you'll be buying a new car before then". Gee Bill, thanks for making on of my major decisions for me...which BTW wasn't what I planned. I hoped to keep the car another 10 years or 100, 000 miles. Stay away from them. I wish someone would have warned me before I went there.


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