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I am writing to express my sincere disgust with how your company chooses to treat customers. Not that I feel its important to explain the situation again, however it will aid in your understanding. I purchased an item via in November of 2006. After I received the item via UPS, I submitted the online rebate form. After several weeks of waiting, I received a denial notice stating the member number was incorrect. For the record, the member number was not incorrect, it is clearly printed on the back of my card. I resubmitted the rebate making sure all information was accurate. I waited an additional several weeks. I received another denial. I then called the rebate center and they informed me that I could only submit the rebate one time via internet and that I would have to mail the information to the rebate center in order to get the rebate. I did exactly that. Now several weeks later, I received another denial notice in the mail stating that the sku was incorrect. I am quite fed up with the constant jumping through hoops and wasting my time for a rebate. It has become obvious to me that your company would much rather play games and disrespect your customers by treating them as though if they were ignorant. Maybe if you waste enough of my time I will give up and your company gets to keep the $50.00 that rightfully belongs to me. I am here to say by all means keep the rebate. The way I see it, when I cancel my executive membership I will save $100.00 per year anyway. Also when I cancel my American Express costco card, I will save even more. Lets not forget how much I will save from not shopping at costco. If you look up my account, you will see that I spent almost $20,000 last year alone. But I can see that even the most dedicated of customers still get treated like garbage. I find it appalling that this is acceptable business practices. I will gladly take my business elsewhere, knowing that there are far better companies that will treat their customers with dignity and respect, and actually honor the rebates they offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me as I would most enjoy talking to a live person versus a company that hides behind denial letters.

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  • Ba
      29th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    First of all, Costco has gone out of their way to make the rebate process as simple and convenient to use than any other retailer. If you shop at Costco, first of all you will notice that most rebates on items are INSTANT rebates. The rebate is taken off at the register. On the rare occasion you have a mail-in rebate, they have a streamlined system where you can check the status of your rebate. It's unfortunate this person had an unfavorable experience, but I would bet that this is a VERY small percentage of experiences. As for him canceling his Executive Membership, he is only spiting himself by giving up his $400 Executive Reward rebate he gets (based on his $20000 sales) and his Amex rebate which more that cover his membership fee. Costco is one company that will go out of its way to take care of the customer, no question!! Unfortunately you are reading this on a "complaints" web site, however, I guarantee you that if you stack up the satisfied and happy customers against the complaints, the complaints will seen non-existant. GO COSTCO!!

  • Lu
      13th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I signed up at the Cost Co store for Direct TV...and purchased a flat screen TV...this was in OCt 08...I was to get a $50 rebate and a $200 rebate..I filled out and sent in all the correct info...NOTHING AS OF YET!!! I have been on the phone with Direct TV for over 5 hours total...Every month I call starting in Jan 09...I have spent hours to at Costo Co...This is a joke...I am a loyal Cost Co shopper...I will go to the top people on this I am not giving up...BUT THIS IS JUST CRAZY THAT I HAVE TO SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON THIS!!!

  • Di
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have the same issue with the same offer. Costco is tarnishing their name by associating with Direct TV. Direct TV denied my rebate stating "The Costco Receipt does not have a legible purchase date" You would think that they would now where to look on a Costco receipt. When I tried to reach Direct TV, I got the run around and they would take my information and escalate it.

  • Co
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Costco is inconsistent with it's reputation, i have experienced problems with their 2% rebate checks for last three years. Although I am one of first 100 executive members in St.Louis region. There is problem with their 2% rebate check.

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