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Copart UK
United Kingdom
This car auction gave false online information for the car and after the sale I was told that according to their Terms and Conditions neither the auction or the seller ( in this case Royal Sun & Alliance) are responsible for the description of the cars they selling. This is unbelievable for 21th century Britain. So if you have to deal with this company be aware.

More details:

On 5th May 2010 I bought an Audi A6 from Copart UK (Who sell mostly damaged cars on behalf of insurance companies) on their Sandtoft auction.I paid £7717.25. It was clearly advertised as Category D and also stated as Category D on the Reciept. When I tried to register the car I was told the car is Category C . Insurance companies categorising damaged cars in 4 categories - A, B, C & D. Category A - for scrap only, Category B - for spare parts, Category C - damage repairable in need of Vehicle Identity Check before Registration document can be obtained and it states that car was substantially damaged and repaired, Category D – Damaged and repairable. Category D cars have much bigger value than Category C.

After more then 3 weeks and several calls and e -mails on Tuesday 8th June Copart e mailed me and told me that In view of Terms of sale the sale is final and the matter closed. The say I have to check the car information myself, but in order to do that I need the car registration, which is hidden in the web page.

On 6th of july I sold the car unrepaired with the right category C in Chester branch of Copart for £5875.56. So my lost is £1841.69.

For more information e-mail me on gia955@gmail.com

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A  25th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am a car dealer mainly dealing with salvage cars (CoPart Chester UK). Contrary to my initial impressions, Copart has made me suffer a severe loss recently.

Once I had won a bid on my choice of car (Honda Civic), I was congratulated about how I had also won a bid on a certain Ford Focus. And that now I had to pay a whopping £4200 for it!! A car which I had absolutely not even viewed once, let alone putting it in my watchlist, and now I was to pay for it! I was disappointed with this online scam, and upon contacting customer services and talking to a manager, they insisted I had to pay up a minimum of £400 as a fine.

I am extremely dumbfounded at how such a well established company can possibly have such an unreliable online system. This tactic is worse than what crooks do. Why must I pay for a car I never bid for?? I find this to be a load of crap, for now, my account has been frozen and I cannot even claim the Honda Civic that I actually won and paid for.

Contact me on mirza84@hotmail.co.uk for more info.
N  27th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
i won a smart car from copart and when the car was delivered i realise the chassis and the frame were completely gone. i call them upand told them the car could'nt have been cat d that it should be cat B. The manager bulied me off and said its cat d. I ask my local garage for their opinion and they gave me their verdict that it's definately a cat b. I went online and check only to discover it's cat b. I sent them the report and they called to say they are coming to pick the car and issue a refund. But i had already incure some expenses. How do i claim my expenses on the car back? please help k.don74@yahoo.com
A  11th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
Copart are biggest scam, be aware from Copart if you read term and condition, you can term they made only to save Copart front any claim, Buyer have no right to make complaint or claim, they always have a excuse to tell.
in my case I won Vauxhall Astra 55reg, I seen on Copart web site that front bumper are fitted as normal and car have minor damages,
when I car delivered to be, I was shocked no bumper on the car, Front Panel front Chassis are damaged, Radiator are bend.

when I rise my issue The Copart Manager said I should come view before bid. Copart has 7 or more branch in UK, how can a Buyer go see car, when this are online auction and images should be true image of car, Copart has Misrepresentation the actual damage.

Be aware from Copart.
if anyone know who to complaint about Copart then please let me know.
A  14th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
coparts are the biggest, lying, rip of merchants in britain, infact how the hell have trading standarts not taken them to court, are they above british law, if you or i did what they do we would be taken to court
N  6th of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
I am looking for any reviews from sellers of vehicles to Copartdirect to see if their experience was good or not. I accepted an offer for my Daihatsu Extol van made by copartdirect through CarTakeBack.com. I filled in all the online questions honestly and accurately, so my suspicions were raised when copartdirect said that the information they received was that there was no bodywork damage. There were no questions about bodywork and that did surprise me. When I then said that there was some bumper damage at the front of the vehicle the price was immediately dropped by £50 but what really alarmed me was being told that I would be paid within 2 hours of my van being collected. I said that this was not acceptable and that I would get back to them if I decided to proceed. Does anyone out there also have similar experence or can anyone give me any advice please. Many thanks, Joanna
N  11th of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
Concerned resident in close proximity (30 metres) of new proposed Copart development would like to know of other residents' experiences with this company in respect of Noise pollution email:- frankhux@aol.com
N  20th of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
recently I've purchase Renault master with rear primary damage, all over, starts and drive.
when I went to pick up the van I've discovered that the van has significant damage to all radiators, all hidden not obvious!
refund has been refused because they stated that secondary damage is :allover!
N  24th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
Copart robbed me also, they sold me a vehicle that cannot be legally repaired and put back on the road, but yet the state that the vehicle is a cad D light damage.

D  13th of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
Hi this is Gulfraz i baught a car from copart on 06/04/16 lot number 20388026 honda jazz as cad D but when I repaired it and applied for V5 after one month i got call from midlands police that car i have is a stolen and have to provide some paper work with is saying that this isn't stolen try to contact Wolverhampton branch where i got this car said to me they can't do anything have to speak with head office when i spoke with those guys they said they can't do anything only Wolverhampton branch will sort it out. Now my name is in criminal record if anyone from Copart can do anything thing please please help me...
N  7th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I have been buying from copart and have had some worse experiences.
Bought a car once, mileage was clocked from 200k to 90k just recently. Usually they mention 'mileage discrepancy' in case of private entry, they said they don't check mileage on insurgence cars but I guess this car was copart own car as they sell their own cars as well.
I told them about mileage but they refused to take it back, I had to pay penalty £250 for not paying/collecting car. They relisted the car and THE MOST AMAZING THING is they didn't mention the mileage again even they realized it this time. Good luck to the buyer.

My second bad experience was recently a car I bought, I paid online, went there to collect, car had smoky and noisy engine, usually they mention as 'mechanical', but they didn't mention anything. Asked manager, he refused to take responsibility, he offered he would put it for me in the auction as private entry but will mention the mechanical things, I said when you sold it, you didn't mention anything, but now for me rules were changed. He had no answer. I contacted regional manager+head office, they didn't help, I refused to take car, they relisted the car back, again this time I was charged £250 penalty for relisting/not taking the car. They relisted it and AGAIN not mentioning 'mechanical', despite they knew this time. Whoever buy it will cry.
This proves that they are used to hide facts and do such dodgy tricks and fraud on the cost paid by buyers.
In the above 2 cases I was lucky that I realized the things before collecting and paid the penalty only. But in a few cases I am still paying the cost where the cars came to me, copart says once the car leaves the yard, they can't do anything, but it's just an excuse, they will never help you even if the car is there as happened to me in the above 2 cases.
They have a very short cut excuse 'terms and conditions' say: come and see the car first before buying. Is it possible to go all over the UK to check copart cars where a trader like me has 10-20 cars everyday in the watchlist? Why don't they make it simple by mentioning the things at least they are aware off. But they will never do because they won't get high bids if they do so. They just want more money even if the regular members (like me) or other buyers have to suffer a lot.
Copart is discouraging people especially traders from buying as they never proved to be helpful, they just behave like trappers. They try to get more bids/money through these tactics but they losing bids/money on the other side by losing regular buyers like me.
I have 2 cars currently parked, both have gearbox issues, both came from copart. Also had 2 cars previously, both mileage clocked, sold them as spares repair. We do not expect full mechanical report with every car from copart but at least the things which are visible and they are or can be aware off easily.
Now I have to start with other salvage auctions who are not dishonest like copart.
A  17th of Nov, 2016 by    0 Votes
Copart are operating like robber barons of the middle ages --basically get the money fist and argue --or get the resident bulldog to refuse all attempts to be treated fairly--afterwards--The amount of complaints it can only be a matter of time before trading standards step in regardless of the ludicrously one sided set of trading guidelines the parasites get you to sign up for --which all boil down in essence too---COPART HAS NO RESPONSIBILITY--COPART DOES NOT RETURN MONEY --no matter what devious and nefarious scam they might be operating to catch out the unwary source of money you are to them--in short a raving take on being run like a criminal enterprise --In America they use the RICO laws to deal with organised crime --which is basically exactly what it is--over here we have to rely on watchdog and dispatches and programs of that ilk --If you are even considering joining this confidence trick being presented as a business opportunity--then please --Drop your money into a blind box instead or give it to you children to enjoy --the sole aim of these people is to make you a victim of their avarice---
A  11th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
Dear Sir,

My name is Stanko Srejic lot 38996546 and I have been your loyal customer for a very long time and never had any issues with the vehicles bought from you. I am writing today to express my disappointment with your service at Westbury site. I went to collect the vehicle yesterday that I have won on 2nd December.The vehicle was advertised as working, but to my surprise the engine was broken. I am neither a trader or mechanic, but a private person who buys the cars for my private use. I expect a new family member to arrive and that is why I bid on this vehicle. I would never consider buying a car with a broken engine because I am a family man with no funds or time to repair it. Unfortunately the description of the car was not trustworthy Coparts name as there was no indication of any engine or mechanical issues. The total cost of the car was £812, that seems to be ridiculous for a car with a broken engine. The staff at Westbury site were not helpful to solve my problem. I paid insurance for this vehicle, petrol to get to that site, i live over 2.5 h drive from Wesbury, as well as cost of payable phone call to your management personnel. I did not collect the car as this did not match the description a car that I bid on. I was advised by yard manager to ask for authorization of cancellation this sale. I need to get my funds as soon as possible as I need to buy a reliable car for my family with no delay. I am so disappointed about your service and whole experience at Westbury site that I want to close my account with you as well.
At your web page states still to pay, eventhough i have paid in full.
Could you please deal with my problem and cancel the transaction as I need my money as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Stanko Srejic

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