Cookies by Design / They delivered my birthday gift damaged, and 1 week late

United States

I ordered a gift for my sister from Cookies By Design. I had wanted it delivered on my sister's birthday so she would enjoy the surprise at work; that is part of the fun. The day after it was supposed to arrive, I called to check on it. I was on hold for over a half hour before I was told they could not locate my order (but had no problem taking my money!) Someone was supposed to call me back, but never did.

Over a week later, my sister received her gift, crammed into a brown cardboard box. It was all smashed up and broken. Unbelievably, the cookies were mailed from 1800 miles away, when the Cookies By Design store was only 2 miles from where she works! Why in the world would the have been mailed? I thought the delivery seemed a little pricy for a 2 mile drive.

Never again will I use this company!


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