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A man named marcus called me from Conserve and told me that he could help get me student loans out of default in six weeks with a loan consolidaton. He even said that they could roll in another student loan that i had so it would all be one loan and one payment. he sent me the forms via UPS with a return envelope enclosed told me to tell the other credit bureau that i was talking to to call Conserve and he would get the debt they were trying to collect rolled into the loan. i should have known it was a scam, but i was/am destitute and just trying to survive. So i filled out all the forms with all my important information and sent them back. the loan forms were copies of the ones i had signed when i originally got my student loans. since then i have not heard anything from Marcus or his company and my attempts to contact him are fruitless. Everytime i call he is out or on the phone with someone else. I never got my consolidation loan and now someone has all of my information and who knows what they are using it for.

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  • Ou
      Nov 03, 2009


    Conseve are a rip off and the need to stop and get a real job. They a bottom feeder that prey on other's weakness. They threeaten to put leans on properties of the debt is not collected and eventhough this debt was settled years ago. I recently received a bill fo almost $5, 000 when the course i took back in 1997 didn't even com close to that amount.

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  • Ko
      Jun 22, 2010

    Just had Conserve call me yesterday. I had two student loans that defaulted years ago and through another collection service (DCS) had them rehab and consolidated them myself. Been in repayment since July 2009. When I filed our taxes this year (filed Feb 2010 for 2009), our refund was taken for the default. Injured spouse form filed and got $613 back. Loans got consolidated in Feb 2010, but the offset was still on when IRS said refund amount was okay, so all sent to Dept of Ed. Got $613 back in May 2010, and Dept of Ed sent letter about paying that on June 10, 2010 (They had to refund that to the IRS). Talked to Dept of Ed in May and was told that the $613 would be added to the Consolidated loans. The $613 was added on June 15 according to Direct Loan Servicing account for me. Dept of Ed said it was added on June 18. On June 21, Conserve calls saying I owe $762.20 in defaulted student loan. I called Dept of Ed on June 22 and was told I had a $0.00 balance. I call Conserve within moments and was told I owe $149.20, which was collection costs, interest and penalties. I explained I called Dept of Ed and they say I owe them absolutely nothing (I requested a letter from Dept of Ed about my zero balance and will get it in 7-10 days). Conserve said I had to pay the $149.20 as it wasn't paid according to their way of checking the Dept of Ed's website account for me. I told them I will be getting a letter from Dept of Ed and they want me to fax it when I get it. Got off the phone and called Dept of Ed again, verified once again I owe them nothing and got a person's name about this and called Conserve back and gave the rep there the name of the Dept of Ed employee who can verify that I owe nothing.

    I don't trust the collection agencies that the Dept of Ed contracts with as DCS (Diversified Collection Services) whom helped me rehab my loans didn't do what they said they were going to do. When payment arrangements were made with them, they had me sign a promissary note for consolidating my loans in 3 months (the time the Dept of Ed requires of repayment before consolidating). I signed it and mailed that back in July 2009 as they asked me to do. So in October 2009, my loans were supposed to be consolidated and taken out of default status according to the arrangements made to repay my loans. Well, in Feb 2010, when my hubby and I filed our taxes, we get a notice that I owe Dept of Ed on defaulted student loans. I called DCS and they gave me the biggest run around I ever heard, from saying they needed to collect 12 months of repayment before filing consolidation papers to 6 months of payments to saying I could not qualify for consolidation. I even had a DCS supervisor tell me that Loan Consolidation had no funding available in Feb 2010 to buy loans. Each of those answers were given in 4 different phone calls I made to them to get info on why they didn't file consolidation for me as they promised. I called Dept of Ed and Direct Loan Consolidation and both told me to go online and fill out the form to consolidate my loans myself. That I did asap. Direct Loan Consolidation told me that they had a 3 week period in Noverber 2009 that they had no funding to buy loans and that was it.

    Well, my loans were consolidated and my loans was taken out of default status on Feb 17, 2010 and when this reversal of the tax refund offset added back, on May 17, 2010, it put me back into default status, even though Direct Loan Servicing automatically debits my bank each month.

    I know I will have to watch my tax refund for 2010 in 2011 when it's filed as it may still have an offset against me for loans if good repayment status. Keep and eye on things and write down who you talk with, what company they are with and what they say each time you talk about these kind of debts as when you are armed with this info, it makes it easier for the originating company (Dept of Ed in this case) to inquire what is going on.

    I am in the process of filing a formal complaint against DCS for their mishandling of my account (not consolidating it when they said they would) and hope that they are made to pay penalties for that.

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  • Lo
      Feb 09, 2011

    These people are harassing me for my daughter's student loans. She doesn't live here and my name is not on her debt. My phone is in MY name, and is not legally hers either. They won't take my number off their list and continue to call multiple times daily. I won't tell them where she is so they tell me they are going to continue to call me until I do. That isn't even legal! I don't owe anybody anything so why do I get these harassing calls! They are nasty rude and crude people. It would be one thing if I was in debt, but I am not. Yet, they are treating me as if I am the one who defaulted on something. WTF!

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  • Ro
      Jun 21, 2011

    get calls from them on somebody I haven't heard from in years. told them to stop calling but they keep doing it anyway.

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  • Ro
      Feb 11, 2012

    Conserve is one of the nastiest debt collection agency out their! My original debt was 6, 000$ . And when they got a hold of my debt they increased it to 10, 000. I payed everything off and when I called back for a statement of the payment they never responded. ###!

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  • St
      Oct 13, 2012

    Best way to stop this bottom feeder collector is to send them a cease and desist letter with return receipt ! record any further calls where legal ( if they keep calling.) find a consumer lawyer and sue them. This bottom feeder will call your family members, and your work. anything to piss you off. The letter should work. do some research and read Good luck on your fight !

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  • Kj
      Mar 10, 2014

    Same as person above, they are looking for my daughter, but they call my house 2-3 times a day. The number they call from is disconnected or no longer in service. I called to ask them just how they do that... Cease and desist letter will be in tomorrow's mail.

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  • Di
      Mar 27, 2015

    My son pays his loans on time, they are actually automatically drafted from his account. I am not sure why these people are calling us and they would not discuss with me. None of his student loans have anything to do with Conserve. They call multiple times a day and I am afraid my son is going to think he owes. I told him not give them any information and they could talk to mom or our family lawyer. I AM DONE WITH THEIR GAME.

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  • Ju
      Apr 20, 2015

    I have been faithfully paying off my debt with ConServe since Colorado State University turned my account over to them. I have always had an agreement with them to make a payment as soon as I receive an invoice/statement. Now, I can't get that hardcopy from them. I get some fertilizer about new management not allowing it when I call to have the invoice sent, and can't get a response when I email a request for an invoice. Do they want their money, or do they want to cause trouble?
    I have had trouble with ID theft, so I don't do ANY kind of financial business on line, and I don't do direct bank drafting for the same reason. I have explained this to ConServe, but they must be too thick-headed to understand. All I am asking for is an invoice. I have even asked them to send it in an postage required from them.

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  • Pa
      Aug 12, 2017

    I just filed a criminal complaint against Con Serve. Con Serve placed a false garnishment against my wages with an Order that was never endorsed or filed in any federal/state jurisdiction. Con Serve harassed my mother, my employer and myself. I lost my job because Con Serve harassed me at work and threatened me. Worse yet, I had been paying on outstanding debts throughout the past several years. I just filed a complaint with the CFPB and I want criminal litigation against Con Serve. Please post a message if interested in pursuing a Class Action A against Con Serve. Con Serve is a private debt consolidation organization with frequently invalid, unconfirmed and inflated debts. My Attorney wants them in jail.

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  • Ja
      Sep 22, 2017

    Conserve is annoying, true, but the true fault lies with the US Department of Education. Yes the UNITED STATES Department of Education. The Federal Student loan program is designed to load victims up with crushing debt, and then suck the life out of them slowly. It is designed to enforce the mandate of the wealthiest individuals. Please remember that it is not a government for the people by the people, it is a government for the rich by the wealthy and that you the individual has no representation in the Federal Government, so they are free to crush you however they please.

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