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Conexis / terrible customer service and business practices

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Conexis has a Better Business Bureau rating of D+ on scale of A+ to F - EVERYONE SHOULD LOG COMPLAINTS on the Dallas Better Business Bureau website - it can be done online!!!

Conexis is by far and away the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. Last year when we first signed up for Cobra after I left my job after my second baby - they NEVER did send us the papers in the mail to sign up - I called everyday for 2 weeks to get them to fax them to me - all the while they are telling me to wait and that they were mailed...I couldn't afford to wait much longer because you only get 3 weeks aftger they mail them to sign up. So they tell me to sign up online - it won't let me past page 3 of 8 - so I call and to this I get a response that it must be my I called my dad in a different town and have him try on his computer and it did the same thing - so I highly doubt it was my computer. So i call again and I make a supervisor fax over our enrollment. So we finally get signed up for the remainder of 2008. Then for 2009 - it took them weeks to send it to me and I again called everyday till I got it - was told I could not do this on online. So - I didfinally get this one in the mail and faxed it back AND mailed it back the same day. I elected Vision and Medical for my spouse, myself and 3 kids...In FEBRUARY - I happened to check our online insurance account that shows processed claims etc. I was checking for how much we had spent - and I saw DENIED for my infant daughters 4 month checkup - no coverage was the reason. I ran downstairs and looked at my papers and Gabi was put down and checked on my sheet for medical and vision as well. It was midnight so I had to wait and then I called them in the morning and Conexis said they sent my form to BCBS and it was an error on their end. I called BCBS they said they never got the paper from Conexis - which is BS because the election form is only 2 pages so for them to have the 4 of us covered and not my baby is bigus it all came on the same paper - I spent the next 3 days calling and calling until they agreed to refax the forms over and BCBS then did update Gabi and I had to call back because they had not done so retroactively - so I had to call CONEXIS again to have them fax proof back from January 1st...ridiculous.

SO - this year I started early asking for annual enrollment because I know my company that I used to work for does it mid October. I called in Oct and someone at Conexis told me that I would have to contact my old employer for those forms...I told him that wasn't right and he said that is what his "sheet" said - so I hung up on him and called back and got someone else who told me that yes they would come the first week of Nov. So by Nov 20th I am a little antsy - I call again - they said they had been sent - I give it a few days - I finally open a complaint case - I get a response asing for more info - I give it and lo and behold she did send me my stuff via secure email - I filled it out and sent it right back via fax and mail again - I called 3 days later to make sure they recd it and some idiot verified for me that "yes your 2008 had been recd..." to this I lose my temper - It is almost Dec 2009 - why the heck would I be verifiying 2008! So she did some more checking and yes they recd 2009. I made her read all of it to me to make sure they got all the kids listed. Everything seemed great! 2 days later I get a voicemail - sorry maam your forms won't be accepted. So i called right away and asked what that was about - i find it strange that they told me they did not know what the voicemail had said so I decided to verify they had recd the forms again - this time they said they NEVER sent them to me...I yelled into the phone that I could send a forward from the email they sent me earlier that week. So then they backtrack and say that was the wrong form and should never been sent. So i ask when the correct one will be - aso you might guess I called 5 more times before I got it - and a supervisor "Jerri" said that as soon as she got the forms from my old company that she would fax and email them to me. I called her everyday for 5 days and every day she would have someone tell me that she was "checking for me everyday" I called on Friday Dec 4th and got a helpful lady who said she would send a note to the acct mgr to get me those forms from Nationwide...I called back on Tuesday and another rep told me they were sent on that Friday!!! ugh - so I ask to talk to Jerri becuase i did not get the fax or email she had promised that she had been "checking for" everyday - what BS - and the rep I asked said "supervisors don't take phone calls" and I said well that is interesting because I talked to her last week - now let me talk to her. I complained to Jerri about what the rep said and she blew it off - then I asked why I was not emailed or faxed...she blew that off and said "well I can fax them now" and she did. But no responsibility is taken for their LIES. So I immediately fax, email and mail it back in(for the record these forms as far as the coverage were no different from the first ones) and then I called the next day to see if received - they were but wouldn't be updated for a while on the system so I could pay for I gave a few days - called back and some rep said they hadn't even been sent to the acct mgr to key so that the system even could be I asked to talk to Jerri - she was "busy" but I could talk to Danielle - who said she would send a req to get it processed rush and it would be 24 hours before updated to my acct but might not show on the system for 3 days. SO I just called today and finally got to Danielle after holding forever and she tells me that she never said it would be 24 hours. She said she got an email back from the acct mgr who said he would only key them in the order he recd them(it isn't my fault he is just getting mine - I would have done it in Oct - had they not screwed up) and I told her this and she said well I can send him another req - which is useless because she had found out yesterday that he wasn't going to do it and never let me know that. So I have now asked to talk to her mgr and got her voicemail and am currently waiting for a call back - they are WASTING time that is valuable to me - I think they make it difficult on purpose so people forget and then lose coverage - well I WON"T FORGET!!!

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  • Ji
      19th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I feel your pain. They may be having Corporate Cash Flow problems which both causes them to collect monies without acknowledging your payment or they have another approach to conserving cash which is to claim to have not received reimbursement claims to minimize their payouts of cash. Everybody affect should immediately call your HR Benefits Office and post a complaint on the Better Business website for the respective State.

  • Mi
      27th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    For help call Conexis V.P. Dee Dee at 214-596-7791 She figured out my 'problem' in one day. Do NOT waste your time with the customer service numbers.

  • Jo
      11th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Conexis has my money, it's on record that I paid, but they aren't forwarding the "data transfer" info over to AETNA -- so I have no card, no number, no coverage. Every time I call Conexis, they have their reps LIE and tell me the info was sent. I call AETNA, their rep checks their system, and still no transfer. This has gone on for a week now. Conexis tells me I have to wait 5-8 days for "processing" (even though it's all computerized - basically it's as if they are sending an email). Rep said they put the "data transfer" through to AETNA on Jan 3, even though I paid Conexis in mid-December! I should have already been covered by Jan 1 -- why did they wait until the 3rd to send the info? Either way, no data transfer was sent on Jan 3 anyway...that was a LIE. It's already Jan 11 - and STILL NO COVERAGE. I have a baby girl who is my dependent, and she is also without coverage because of this.

    Basically, Conexis is attempting to pocket a weeks worth of my money since they are not paying AETNA with that money for that week. Nice try. Sadly, they're probably doing this to more than one person...

    Insurance fraud is illegal, and that is exactly what they are committing.

    I'm calling my state officials tomorrow, and reporting this to the BBB, as well as alerting everyone on the internet about this horrible, corrupt service. I also have a few media contacts, so if they don't want to also be in the news, they ought to stop this nonsense now.

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