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I want to present to you a encounter that I had with a local company "concentra health services" in downtown kansas city the south west traffic way location, I went there for a pre-employment drug and physical test and this is what happened to me:

I visit your office last thursday at the 200 sw boulevard location in kansas city mo 64108 and it turned into a horror novel right out of the archives of steven spielberg?? I will quote the conversation that I did send to concentra below no response from them? They kept my license and never even called to say it has never handed to me because when I ask for it they informed me they will give it back to you after the visit what a policy? When

1) I went to get my license back and when I questioned the office manager he engage with me right over the counter with a room full of customers that showed me how professional the company operate? The customers was stunned? And just shook their heads some left as I was leaving.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kansas City, MO
2) when it came to the physical exam it really got bad the "doctor" informed me that I have a (Double) hernia but he was no sure but yet proceed to put it on the report abnormal?? I ask him that both my family doctors have never diagnosed me with this and I outright questioned his diagnostics he went on to say that I had it since birth this stunned me? Nerveless he the "doctor" proceed to put it on my medical exam document that was send to my future employer? Now the job is gone so is future income and to make matters worse it is now on my "medical history" I did in the mean while consult with my family doctor and never in my medical history (15 years) with them was I ever diagnose with a hernia and he was stunned to here that? I can tell you this if my doctor confirmed that I do not have a hernia I will have no other option than to proceed with legal action against concentra? If your "doctor" did a false diagnostic it will be on the local television msnbc news guaranteed,
This is what I did in the mean while:
3) I did get a emergency appointment with my family doctor and he told me if I ever where diagnosed with a hernia he would have told me so and he will give me a letter to dispute the concentra's doctor's diagnoses and hopefully salvage my new employment opportunity? If there is anything you can help me with please do "I am desperate" here I am unemployed because of a doctor's negligence and will probably end up loosing everything house you name it? If this type of malpractice is going on in this hard economic times I don't see much hope for us how many other "normal people" did this happened to I am sure if this get on the air you will see what a response it will create.

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      Nov 20, 2009

    My mother died the next day after being misdiagnosed by a Concentra doctor.

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