Computicket / forcing feet to inconvenience

The main reason for booking tickets online is for the convenience of not physically going to an outlet to pick up the actual tickets. Over and above, it would be assumed, as a result of your good planning, that you would not need to sit in a line at the event. It so happens that I purchases 3 tickets to the taste of joburg and need to collect these tickets physically from either computicket, checkers or shoprite. I complained online and the feedback (which was prompt) was more like a generic computer explanation that the reason for this is security. If I am not mistaken the banks and visa verification protects both the end user and the supplier of the tickets against any fraud, which I may add, adds time to process of booking on line on [hidden web address] my honest opinion is that they are using this method to force customers to visit their retail outlets and increase feet in their stores – this I take as an insult to all internet users and would expect computicket and shoprite to manifest a much simpler and direct method of delivering tickets to customers, as they are not achieving their objective of the internet’s simplicity.

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