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CompUSA / An experience that I hope no other individual must endure

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Complaint Letter to CompUSA

Dear Mr. Weiss:

Although I realize you will not personally read this letter and I also realize that I am a small one person business and cannot significantly impact on CompUSA, I do feel that I am right and have to voice my opinions/concerns to you.

In August 2004 I purchased an HP computer from your Manchester CT store. The reason I purchased from CompUSA was because of the (supposedly) great warranty that was offered. Guaranteed not to be down for more than 48 hours!!! I purchase computers approximately every three (3) years and hand down my old computers to my children and grandchildren.

Well recently I had the opportunity to have to utilize my TAP warranty and have found it to be the absolute worst warranty I have ever had the misfortune of using. All of my previous computers were purchased at Staples with their protection policy which was far superior to your TAP program.

Specifically on page 5 of the TAP handbook under the heading 'Component Replacement Guarantee' it clearly states and I quote "if any individual component within your desktop computer (CPU), monitor or printer must be repaired three (3) times during the term of your Plan, this Plan will replace your covered desktop computer (CPU), monitor or printer with one of equal or similar features, specifications, and functionality." You apparently have fine print that is not covered in the TAP Handbook. Everyone I have spoken to and shown the TAP Handbook to agrees with me that there was an attempted repair of the same malfunction 3 times. Let me explain.

On June 20, 2006 on work order number 214215 a technician was dispatched to my residence to replace a motherboard due to the non-functioning of the Ethernet connection. When the technician entered my home I was using the computer to do my company books. I asked the tech if I needed to back up my computer and he stated ‘no’ replacing the motherboard will not affect your hard drive. After he took out the motherboard from my computer he stated that the motherboard that was sent was the wrong one. He said he would reconnect my old motherboard so I could use it for my books while awaiting shipment of a replacement motherboard. When he tried to reboot the computer it would not post. At that point the stated that sometimes when you remove a part it could make it completely inoperable. I accepted this and would wait for an overnight shipment of a new motherboard. He also left me his cell phone number to call when the part arrived and said he would come install it as he only lived a few miles from me.

The part arrived on Thursday June 22 and I did call him and he never returned my call. On Friday June 23 I called TAP and they set up an appointment for Monday June 26 and a different tech was dispatched to replace the mother board. This was done on work order 218705.

After installing the motherboard, the computer still would not reboot/post. The technician determined it was a defective board from the factory and would order another replacement board.

The third board arrived on Wednesday, June 28 and that evening the second technician came to replace it on work order number 221091 (wo#’s 214215, 218705 and 221091 looks like three documented attempts to me). After matching the motherboards it was very obvious (even to me who is not a computer technician) that it was definitely the wrong motherboard. On Friday, June 30 another motherboard was received (this makes 4 in all) but it was the same type as the one that was received on June 28 and I spoke to the technician and told him so and he did not come to replace it as it would have been a wasted trip.

I was able to speak to Lexy Jones of your corporate headquarters - no help there!

Also spoke to Nick Makarenko with even less help from him.

Also spoke to Kim Lawrence who was less help that Nick of Lexy.

Finally on Monday July 3 after conversations with Lexy I received an email from Nick stating to bring the unit to CompUSA in Manchester CT to ‘facilitate’ it to HP. I did bring the unit to the store on Monday evening July 3 and dealt with a gentleman by the name of Steve who was very professional. At that time I paid $69.95 to have a few items backed up from the hard drive (remember the first tech who said should not be a problem?) as I needed at least my email addresses for business purposes.

I returned to CompUSA on Tuesday morning and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Anthony and at that time had brought the motherboard I had received on Friday so that he could determine if it could be used or not (this store is approximately 70 miles round trip). He determined it definitely was the wrong board and at this time I left the store as Anthony had indicated they would ‘facilitate’ it to HP (whatever that means from Mr. Makarenko.

Just as a footnote, I received notice of attempted delivery of a fifth motherboard on Thursday, July 6 from FEDEX but refused to sign for it!! Wow 5 different motherboards!!

I called the store today to find out the status of repair and was told by Steve who I spoke to on Monday the following:

It appeared that a connection that had been made bent a prong or connection pin and that is why the machine would not reboot (guess the first tech messed that up)

That a motherboard had been ordered today!!!!! (again this is what Mr. Makarenko considers ‘facilitate’

Also indicated it may be next Monday or Tuesday before the new part arrives!!!

Since this has all been transpiring, it has been 17 days since I have been able to use my computer and do company business to include but not limited to billing!!! (good way to run a business - can’t have money coming in if you can’t make bills out).

This has been an experience that I hope no other individual must endure.

This machine according to TAP should have been replaced after 3 attempts at repair failed (not my fault HP kept sending the wrong parts - that is between CompUSA and HP I paid for a contract that was not honored).

According to Mr. Makarenko DOA parts do not fall under the TAP replacement program, however, nowhere in the handbook I have does that fine print exists. Maybe you should get Mr. Makarenko a copy of the handbook for his decision making procedure, if he sees in the handbook the fine print the speaks of, then apparently I can’t read.

In closing, I realize I may not get a reply to this correspondence, however, I will at every possible occasion inform prospective future patrons of CompUSA that their extended warranty for computers is not worth the paper it is written on.

I am sure if you speak to Lexy Jones, Nick Makarenko or Kim Lawrence they will remember my conversations with them.

The original request for repair was submitted on 6/11/06 and to date 7/13/06 the matter is still unresolved.

Company details:

Tony Weiss
President and Chief Executive Officer

CompUSA, Inc.
14951 North Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75254

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  • Ka
      18th of Mar, 2007

    We bought a laptop computer and virus protection from Comp USA before Christmas. this cost us right at $1,000.00 When my daughter opened her gift and tried to install the virus protection the computer sounded as if the hard drive was giving out. Another disk did fine. The computer expert we consulted said the virus protection disk was defective. We live 80 miles from this store.

    We tried to exchange the virus protection today and they would not do it because it had been over 21 days. The store manager was rude and told me he would have to "eat the cost" of the $39.99 virus protection. Can you believe that?

    We were going to look at another computer also today to buy. Needless to say we will never shop there again. CompUSA is not customer friendly!

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  • Ge
      4th of Apr, 2007

    Sub: Ric Padican

    Me and my wife were shopping for a new laptop for our son, we were approached by this salesman named Ric and he asked us if we needed help. I said yes. And basically I was asking him questions about the laptop. What I am upset about is that the whole 20 minutes that we were talking he was staring at my wife. I was watching his eyes, every time i would ask him a question he would answer to my wife. When he walked away to let us think about it, thats when we rushed out the store. And also he wasn't very knowledgeable, he just kept say "Don't Worry, Buy It, It's Very Good". He wasn't in a red compusa shirt, I really hope he isn't a manager. He had a very wise attitude, We're not very computer savvy and every time we had a question or a doubt about the laptop he would us feel stupid. I love CompUSA and I always shop there. I would still continue to shop there but I can surely say that I will never purchase anything from that unknowledgeable and perverted salesman.

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  • Ri
      7th of Apr, 2007

    Sorry Gerald, and I'll follow up on this issue

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