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Compass Bank / illegal calls

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I have a Compass Credit card that ive been paying on for years. Ive paid down considerably a few times, but now im overlimit and the interest reflects that. I am currently 90 days past due on my payment, for the usual reasons.. trying to make ends meet and that is my lowest priority when its feeding my child or being current with those lovely folks. I also, until recently banked with compass. This was mistake number one. as soon as i am even 30 days past due, they look into my bank records and start calling people ive paid through that account, or have been paid by. I run a small business, and having my accounts contacted because of my debt is needless to say, very embarrassing. I am not one to duck out of a debt. I always pay these people, its just the last thing in a pile of actual current bills that id like to keep above water with. So this woman from the collections department, it seems did research for my name on google or something, found the myspace page for my band and started calling my bandmates to get to me! shocking, no? I know this is very illegal. I called and left her a rather heated message today after hearing that she called my mother in law to try to get to me. I know that its these peoples jobs to get paid, but i cant imagine feeling alright about creating so much extra stress in peoples lives, which in effect has the opposite result they are after it seems. I should be working now, but im so upset over this string of harassing phone calls i needed to find a way to deal with this woman. In my message i told her it was both ineffective and likely damaging to Compass to deal with people this way. I know that they have to call me every 5 days when i am past due, but really, calling people that are friends or family or business associates is far too much! I am hoping that my message will have some effect on the depths this woman will go to to try to embarrass me into paying my bill, which is about $3,000. seems that ol' Julie Camp would have much bigger fish to fry than me. the hours she spends researching my life is pretty insane.
Any advice, other than better foresight?

The other issue is the constant overdraft fees due to the way Compass processes their clients debits and credits. Funny how no matter what time you make a deposit, if you had a debit that day, that clears first. These people have made so much money off me, because of the less than honest way they process transactions. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that if i hadn't been charged overdraft fees because of their interesting methods, i probably wouldn't be so far behind on my credit card! I switched to Chase because they seem to apply credits and debits straight away.. so far no issues whatsoever with them.. and maybe that will help me get back on top, not having those 2 or 3 $36 overdraft fees every month.. when i think how much they have gained on me... its enough to make me want to give up on finance all together... but ill power on, and once my business is thriving, even somewhat, ill make it clear to them that they lost a customer with their below board methods. Until then, im trying to figure out a way to pay off this debt without ever dealing with this woman...

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  • Ch
      15th of Jul, 2007
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    I am a collections agent for a major company and I was also a Bank Operations Specialist for 10years with a major national bank. Laws are the same. You need to file a complaint with AZ Dept of Financial Institutions ph#602-255-4421 and the State of AZ Attorney Generals office. They have violated big time GLBA, FTCPA and the Truth in Savings Act. It is against the federal laws for any creditor to disclose or suggest that anyone of there consumers is in debt, has credit problems, or owes money. It is ok for them to 'skip trace' a consumer to find valid contact info, but to search out the extremes as they did is overboard, considering you did provide them with valid info.

    Contact the agency I referred you to, banks like Compass thrive on the aspect that people will just 'give up'. DO NOT. It will not cost you a penny to file and you may dispute ALL concerns-if they find your dispute valid Compass may have to reimburse all charges, remove all negative credit reporting, and possibly have to 'eat the debt' on your credit card for 3rd party disclosure and violation of your privacy.

  • Je
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I am having the same problem with Julie Camp. Is there anything that can be done?

  • Am
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    Here's how my day started today. I woke up and looked at my bank, here's what I saw:

    Date Debit/Credit Amount Balance
    06/19/2008 DEPOSIT $100.00 $98.58
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $8.37 $-1.42
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $17.98 $6.95
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $20.49 $24.93
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $65.29 $45.42
    06/18/2008 CHECK CLEARED XXXX $30.00 $110.71

    As you can see, I started the day with over a hundred dollars. And Compass does what they ALWAYS do, let's take money first and then apply the deposit. I had one purchase that caused me to go over my limit. I was over by $1.42. So, you would think, one NSF fee, right? NOPE I received NSF fees for the entire day's transactions. Fun right? NOPE it get's better. So, I received an email alert as to these new NSF fees while I was in my car driving home. So, I pulled into the bank to discuss this matter. I normally don't bank at the Lone Tree Branch, but decided to today just because it was convenient.

    I was told that I was charged the NSF fees because there wasn't money in there. Really, how could I start the day with 110 in the bank, I had 111 in debits clear, and now I'm being charged four NSF fees. So, how could this be. The manager (DON) refused to speak to me or explain how this could be. But did inform me that I would incur an additional 4 tonight because now I'm over drawn b/c of NSF fees. I said no. That's not gonna work. I had money in the bank. I will accept 1 NSF fee, but that was it! I asked for his boss's name and phone number. When I did, the manager became even worse. He did however, go and get the number for me. When he came back, he said, leave or I will call the police. Really, call the police why? Because I asked for your boss's name and number. Let me know how that works for you. I tried to make a deposit to cover the fees. But he would not allow me to make a deposit.

    So, I left, and called their 800 number. Talked to a manager there who told me to go to another branch and make the deposit and I would NOT receive fees again tonight. But still couldn't explain to me how I'm being charged for having money in the bank.

    So, I proceeded to another branch across town to make there stupid 1PM cut off time for today's business. Here's where the even bigger surprise comes in the manager at the other bank CLOSED MY ACCOUNT without my knowledge. I didn't authorize this and asked how this could be. Compass has a policy that ANY employee can close ANY account at ANY time if they want to. Here's the even bigger kicker, they have 10 days to inform you that THEY closed your account. WHAT. OK, I spent the morning at the Motor Vehicle, and Vital Records, and wrote checks for these and now my account is closed without my knowledge and you are going to return these checks and charge me. How can this even be true. How can they do this without ANY notice? If I didn't go into the 2nd branch, I would have no idea. My paycheck would try to go in next week, I would pay my bills, and have NO knowledge that this was even going on.

    Thanks for listening

  • Ex
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I feel compass bank takes advantage of their customers and their employees. They have a manager that tries to dates all the employees and has spread numerous rumors about sleeping with them and the human resources never did anything but promote this manager. Now is this a safe place to work with al the sexual harrasment people get from this manager.

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