Comdatacomdata mailing with fake mastercard for fake account

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I have never in my life heard of comdata, also going as comdata payment innovation.
I received in the mail a letter from comdata, po box 220430, chantilly, va 20153 which included:
-a copy of a master card to activate
-a welcome letter from comdata
-a comdata cardholder agreement booklet

According to their letter "your company has chosen the comdata card - the most advanced way to provide you with your funds" and also "activate you card immediately."
The accompanied booklet states "this card is a prepaid card and not a credit card. You do not have a credit line or overdraft protection…" and "these cards are offered exclusively to businesses for purposes of distributing non-payroll funds. Only the company may load value to your card, and you may redeem the value loaded to your card…"
Except as to what I said again, I have never in my life heard of this company. They have included a plastic master card for me to activate too.
I do not work for any company, so no one is adding funds to any account for me to pick up or activate.
This is obviously a fake scam company. I have never and will never do business with them. Yet they are mailing out master cards to try to fool people into their "user agreement" for something that is not even a real bank account or even a real master card. Absolutely outrageous.
Reading thru the reviews on various other pages, comdata has a history of scamming people for years it seems. If you get this fake card, do not activate it. No one is trying to send you "non-payroll funds" for anything, they are scammers who are trying to steal your personal information and apparently get your consent for who knows what scam.
It is also the same company as the one listed in tn, same website information, phone number is listed as 888.265.8228.


Jan 21, 2018
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  • Dr
      Nov 15, 2018
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    you're a [censored]ing idiot comdata is a HUGE business

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  • Dr
      Nov 15, 2018

    all corporate business cards and almost ALL fuel cards are comdata or Tchek companies use those cards to pay employees, bank cards for business funds, and obviously fuel. this is stupid and you are stupid lol

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  • Ja
      Jan 06, 2019

    Actually I received one in the mail too, and the company I just got hired onto gave me a card already...feels like a scam that someone where they are using Comdata as a cover...will be saving my envelope and calling about it

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  • As
      May 14, 2019

    Comdata provides cards for Cash app. It's not a scam. It's just a prepaid card. Either from that app or someone who wants to use prepaid cards for payroll etc

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  • Mi
      Jul 29, 2019

    Well I don't work and am getting a letter in the mail from these people. It's definitely a scam! My ssn was taken of Equifax during the breach and wondering if this has something to do with it.

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  • Sh
      Aug 17, 2019

    I've never heard of no comdata. but I did get an online bank debit card from that same address. LISTEN. if you ever applied for an online bank called No.26 and if you got approved for an account from No.26, don't toss it. its a legit bank account.

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