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Complaints & Reviews

loan with bayport

We went on Debt review so we had to put Bayport also on debt review in Aug 2019 debt review paid my loan finish up to date the amount was outstanding is R59419.85 and debt review paid R77000.00 I got all the proof of payments send it to Bayport and now they said we still owe them R38000.00 and we pay since 2014 until 2019 please can you check it out contact details is
Mr JL Swanepoel
Tel [protected]
Thank you

Cell Phone account

Good afternoon Kindly find attached hereto the letter that I have also forwarded to bayport, which explain...

Cell phone contract

I had a two year contract with Bayport cellular. on the 08 August 2015 I were unable to use my phone, when...

Johannesburg Mobile & Cell Phones

interest hike

I have taken a loan with Bayport Financial services for the amount of R25 000.00, I have been paying my...


I recently took out two cellphone contracts with Bayport financial services and it was hell from beginning to end. I took the package which included a Blackberry and Baymobile touch screen cell phone which is needless to say far from a satisfactory model. Its as if no one knows who they are and there is no support or help through the company as Cell C does not acknowlegde their cell phone contracts. I activated my Blackberry services and was charged the R57 and it worked OKAY until this morning when i could send or receive emails and mms's even though that cost was supposed to cover these services.
I called the blackberry call centre and was told that someone disconnected my service yesterday but they cant say whom. The found it difficult to even confirm that the contract was valid. i have had the phone for exactly 8 days and cant fathom why their service is no putrid. I was told that everything regarding support and contracts would be sorted out within 7 days of me receiving my cell phone. Once again, it has been 8 DAYS.

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Loan application declined after approval

I applied for a personal loan through a broker to Bayport Financial Services. All the forms were completed, signed and forwarded through to them with all the supporting documents including a letter of confirmation of employment.

It was relayed to me via sms from Bayport and through the broker that the loan had been approved and was in the final stage which was telephonic confirmation of employment.

No-one phoned the company - namely Active Freight Solutions to confirm my employment, and when I called Bayport this afternoon to find out what the progress was, I was informed that the loan had now been declined to to the company that I work for being a non-accredited company. I do not understand why this is, as Active Freight Solutions is a registered Company (with a company registration no, ) Is a Level 4 BEE compliant company, is VAT registered, and is registered with SARS for PAYE and UIF.

When I applied for the loan I informed the agent that this was urgent, and this is the sort of response I get from Bayport - APPLICATION APPROVED ON THE ONE DAY AND DECLINED ON THE VERY NEXT DAY!! With no sms confirmation or phone call or anything.

  • Br
    Breyden Jun 30, 2019

    I applyed for a loan at BAYPORT. Many times sometimes they never even contact me or sms or email me about my loan. After i tryed 5 times they contact me they will send me the application forms i need to fill in and send back with my other necessary documents .

    An consultant promised me hes sure my loan will be approved. 4days after he called me. My loan was declined because the business is not old enough.

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Garnishee overpayment

Below is my complaint that I lodged against Bayport through getclosure on
the 18th October but till to date Bayport
has not responded.Getclosure has tried to remind them but they never
consulted me hence I ask NCF to intervene.

Dear Tankiso Jeanette Sibisi,

Bayport Financial Services has not responded to your
complaint despite several reminders.

Your choices:
1. Demand a response from Bayport Financial Services
2. Close your complaint
3. Explore other options
4. Copy and paste your complaint (see below) into an
email and send it to [protected] yourself.
Nature of complaint: I am unhappy with the service I
Complaint description:
Hi, my name is Jeanette Tankiso Sibisi(ID [protected])
working for the Department of Health(nurse, persal number
[protected])I had a garnishee from this institution and it was
paid off early this year to my surprise they are back again
though this garnishee was paid up.I sent them an e mail
asking them to stop deducting but they never listened.

Thanking you in anticipation

Tankiso Jeanette Sibisi
Fax 2 mail: [protected]

Wrong information given

I signed up for a cell phone contract and was assured that I would be able to use number portability. I have since found out this is not possible. Before I signed up for the contract I made sure I asked 3 people if it would be possible to keep my old number and they ALL assured me I could. I have had my old number for over 10 years now and changing my number now is not an option.

  • Mu
    Muslim Awoafu Jun 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took a loan which was over and I went for another but the company is deducting double from my salary( the finished loan deduction and the current loan deduction) I have laid five complaint to stop the other deduction but it falling on death ears.Tgis is affecting my financial status so please help me stop it

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