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Comdata / scams

1 5301 Maryland WayBrentwood, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 615-37-7000

Comdata Inc., is a money transmitter. They operate in many states from South Carolina to California. Independent drivers utilize their services to be paid more quickly than the 60 to 90 days for invoices. By paying for 7.5% or more to factor the bills through Comdata, the pay is supposed to be posted within two days. This high rate account is supposed to be no recourse. Meaning, is the shipper or biller does not pay, the transportation company or driver submitting the bills to Ceridian will not attempt to collect from them. That is the purpose for the 7.5% or higher service fee, this is in addition to paying to use Comchecks for funds your own company has earned, etc. They make customers pay for their errors and don't alert customers when there's a problem, they just deduct money from their accounts.

The scam perfected by them include Chandra Jackson, a portfolio manager and her supervisior Richard Packard (Director of Portfolio Manager), operates like this: After customers become dissatisfied by the violation of the contract through constant recourse money grabs, the customer attempts to close their account, retrieve all money in the account and have their name released from the UCC Filing. Comdata instructs their employees to refuse to do all three for months. Thus, preventing the customer from obtaining the services of another factoring company/money transmitter, which is not allowed by law. Comdata then stalls by sending false emails to customers when they leave, refuse to answer or return phone calls, send complaints to their Florida and other offices and block all calls and emails from submission.

Comdata causes tremendous financial hardships, especially for small transportation companies by their mob actions and instruct their employees to state, "The needs of current customers come first, and we'll get to you when we can." This has happened to our company, and after waiting a full 30 days, Ceridian/Comdata then illegally retains the last pay from our invoices and the money in our account. The cover-up is not a clean as it could be, due to a few honest employees in accounting who admitted in writing that the account has been closed for 18 months now, but someone is blocking the return of the conversations with other companies and individuals that Comdata has scammed, it has been explained that the scam works because small companies cannot afford to wait 30 days or beg and plead for their money back. It will run them out of business. They do it to keep you at Comdata!!!

Comdata owes our company hundreds of dollars for money from this account that was closed in September 2008, and for the $20.00 per month late fees for unpaid funds. Do not do any business with Comdata Financial, Comdata Network or Ceridian their parent company. COMDATA SCAMS CUSTOMERS!!!

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  • Fa
      11th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    The following response attempts to clarify misconceptions regarding Comdata’s Receivables Financing Solution:

    Many companies, both large and small, search for ways to improve their cash flow, and Comdata’s Receivables Financing Solution, FastTrak, gives them a competitive option. Through FastTrak, Comdata purchases a company’s receivables, less an agreed-upon fee, providing quicker access to working capital.

    Customers who utilize the FastTrak solution are not subject to credit checks, minimum factoring commitments, or minimum revenue requirements. The solution is also non-recourse; however, there are rules that govern the terms of the receivables financing agreement. For instance, if an invoice submitted has been subjected to any advances or deductions that are not reflected on the invoice, Comdata is only responsible for the unpaid account balance. Should Comdata fund any prepaid balances on an invoice, then those funds will be retained from future factoring amounts.

    All receivables financing companies, including Comdata, are governed by UCC regulations. Comdata fully adheres to these regulations and releases customers from UCC filings at their initial request as long as there are no outstanding account balances.

    Additionally, Comdata’s core values promote high-performing people, honest, and integrity. We are confident that our associates are well-trained, follow established procedures, and conduct business in an honest, ethical manner.

    All FastTrak customers are equipped with detailed account information to help them understand and effectively manage their receivables financing account. They also receive dedicated support from Comdata’s Receivables Financing team. If customers have questions, they should contact us directly at 800.638.3540.

    Comdata’s FastTrak Team

  • Ke
      8th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Comdata leaches off the poor. People who get paid using Comdata cards being charge $1.30 for using cards when not enough funds are on the card. So in other words instead of declining the transaction the decline, and chard the cardholder $1.30. When using the ATM to retrieve money that should have been paid with a check they poor get raped with ATM fees, even if they are checking their balance. There is no way people who work for a living, and get paid with these cards can get there money without some kinda charge. If you try to get all your money out there is always a remaining balance where the leaches at Comdata are gonna make a buck on you. This is unfair to the working poor, and I will do everything in my power to see that my company drops these crooks, and UCC, FCC, congress, BBB, and all major threads on websites that contain millions of hits per day. I have nothing, but time, and I have internet, and two lines on my phone. This all happened because a man went hungry, cause Comdata cleaned out what little money he had left to buy him some food. When he called customer service he was told that them taking his money wasn't there fault, but the place where he was trying to eat. Pam, the lady who talked to this hungry man was also very rude to him while the man was nothing, but polite. I want this man's $2.30 returned to him, and a apology. I see that representatives read this, so feel free to respond.

  • Co
      3rd of Jan, 2014
    +2 Votes

    comdata falsely charged my account 57.00 a month fee they never disclosed they were going to charge since 6-1-13, so I tried to close the account with a credit to my favor. I faxed, emailed and spoke to 3 comdata personnel on closing my account and yet comdata continues to charge my account 57.00 a month after all the attempts to close it, , big rip off, (any attys need me for class action suite email me

  • Li
      5th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    3 days and 4 hours to reach customer service! Delay of paycheck for 6+ days because their issued card couldn't be activated. 1 lied and said it was already to use then admitted she was mistaken after I tied an atm transaction while on the phone with her. Still waiting for a new card I the mail, let's see if I can get paid this week, not feeling lucky that's for sure. Awful service the worst II've ever encoutered by far.

  • Kd
      9th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Comdata decided to cancel my payroll card with no warning! I found out by going to the ATL and my card being declined due to "lost card" which I did not report. Called Comdata to find out what was going on and after an hour on hold was told a business in which I used my card reported that some of their customers card numbers MIGHT have been compromised..MIGHT have been?!!! So without any heads up Comdata took it upon themselves to cancel my only resource to access MY money..on a holiday weekend at that. When I spoke with a representative (took me talking to 3 of them) and basically told them I was not getting off the phone without a solution, they told me to go to a truck stop across town and ask for a Comcheck, call them back to register the check and I could withdrawal my funds in full..first of all I did what they told me, but when I call to register this check, I'm on hold for over an hour before I even spoke with a human being, but then I'm told by the truck stop employee it would cost ME $10 to cash it!! I was furious by this point and called Comdata yet again to ask to be reimbursed for this fee only to find out I was charged an ATM fee intially to find out my card was canceled. .I spoke with a very nice customer service employee and insured a report was being filed right then requesting my $$$ back for the fee's. Skip to today, a week after this mess started, Comdata sent me a new card, REACTIVATED my "lost card" and yet still no reimbursement. So I called them again and was told the fee's would not be reimbursed because it was MY choice to cash the check at a truck stop with such a high fee!!! Wait...I had a choice as to where I could cash this check?!??? No I was not given a choice at all.. when I asked to speak with a supervisor, she was amazingly rude from the get go.. I asked to speak to her boss and was told she could only transfer me to a voice mail. .I refused and demanded a direct number and was told she would not give me that number, but even if she did, her boss would back her up and tell me the same thing. I left a voice mail, but will promise to blow their phone's up constantly until I get my money back!!! Comdata likes to play God with your hard earned money and attempts to soften the blow with TERRIBLE customer service!!! I am not finished with them, only getting started now that I see I am not the first to be ripped off!!!

  • An
      3rd of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    My Husband works for a temp agency in Oklahoma that uses Comdata and their cards are bad news I have had the run around from for the last 5 month's, it's terrible. He has worked for this company for almost a year and during the first 5 months we had small problems with his pay card for the last 4 to 5 months almost every week it's the same thing, initially the companies payday is A Friday but the Agency he works their hardest to have all employees pay to them by 12 noon Thursday. Today I was told that the payroll was sent in yesterday he should of had his money today..Comdata conveniently knew nothing about it and absolutely no deposit or pending deposits were on his account for today!

  • Nu
      25th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    I had my wallet atolen 12/30/2016 and received a text alert that $202.50 was used on my comdata paycheck card. I immediately googled and dound a number that I called and reportrd it to. I have just received an email that the fraud dispute dept has denied ny claim and that an email was sent to me. ####! I need to file a complaint against this company. Now I am being ripped off by them as well as the thief who stole my wallet!

  • Ja
      1st of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    The worst. No one on the phone was respectful, and smart. I have had the worst experience with the company. I called to check my card balance, i told the agent " do not cancel my card. I do not want my card canceled.' What do they do, they canceled the card. Im furious, my money is gone. They canceled my replacement card and told me to get a new card when trying to activate the newest one i got, which was cancelled as soon as i tried to activate it. They are sending my third one in the mail. I wont use it, ill get a direct deposit set up (which is what comdata is) but ill go to chase and sign up with a coupon you get 200 just for signing up. :) they are ### i had to tell them that they were dumb special ### and they reported me twice. I spoke to 5 or 6. All of them were not American, one even hung up on me, how disrespectful. They dont help, or even work with me. Eff them

  • Ja
      1st of Mar, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Jasmine Cina They are playing too much. Thats my paycheck that they are playing with.

  • Mi
      17th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    I've never heard of comdata but keep getting texts about charges on my account, declined charges, balances, etc. What is going on?!

  • Cy
      18th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    This place is scandalous after running in circles about transferring money from the Comdata card to my bank account I still do not have access to my money to get my medicine nor have a way to get to work in the morning. After them lying saying my bank has the money and completing a conference call with my bank and Comdata where my bank verified they have not received my money I still don’t have my money so I can get my medication and making sure I can get to work. Their customer service is the worse in TN and Philippines. They lie and tell you anything to get you off the phone they have stressed me out

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