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About a month ago, I ordered around $50 worth of cosmetic items from ColourPop's website. The site has a policy of free shipping for international orders above $50, and I was happy to avail that, given ColourPop's budget-friendly makeup line. I was excitedly awaiting my new products.

Today, I received my products, and, I must say, I was devastated by how things turned out. The postman informed me that there had been various customs duties imposed onto the products, which added up to a whopping $32.21, which is more than half of the money I was due to pay originally (exactly $50.40).

Now, I am not saying that I did not read ColourPop's policy on customs, that customs fees are separate from the order. And I was fully prepared to pay what I logically assumed to be a nominal fee (having read reputed Pakistani reviews and blogs on this very issue, and for larger orders too), in return for the products that I had waited so long for. However, the huge amount of customs that have been lobbed onto my, frankly, very small quantity of products, have rendered my pocket-friendly purchase null and void. My main reason for availing ColourPop's services was consumer welfare, and I regret to conclude that I have achieved nothing of the sort. In fact, had I known this was to occur, I would have definitely bought high-end products locally, since the costs are now practically the same!

For now, I have sent the order back with the postman to the post office until this issue can be resolved. I humbly request ColourPop for a refund of my order. I understand that this is a rather over-the-top request, but I also fully believe this customer-friendly company will fulfil it. It will help me escape this incredibly unfair situation, which is taxing, for both my money and my mind.

Hope to hear a favourable response very soon.

Nov 27, 2017

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