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P Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

Our child is under 13; the College Board does not permit registration through the web. Our registration through the mail showed that College Board does not ensure that the process for under 13 users works in a reasonable manner, making a case for blatant age discrimination. Here are the facts.

To get mail-in registration we called the customer #, but the forms were on back order. A representative took our address and said she would mail one when they have arrived. We received only unsolicited brochures and no registration: the representative never followed through on our request for the form.

At that moment our school was out of the forms also, but we got one some weeks later. We filled it in and mailed it, but with all the time wasted we now had to pay additional late fee to register. When we called the customer service, a representative would not could waive the late fee, even though lateness was not our fault.

We paid $75.00 and received email confirmation of registration and payment. However, admission ticket failed to arrive, making taking SAT impossible. 5 work days before the test date for which we registered and paid we had to call customer service, again.

The College Board's customer "service" from an outsourcing agency had no interest to resolve our situation. Six days before the test date a representative first told us to wait more for the ticket to come in mail, and call back again if it failed to arrive. When we protested this as unacceptable, we were told that a request was put in to email us the admissions ticket within five (!) days. After more protestations from our side we were told that the representative would "escalate" our request, whatever this meant, and that we would be emailed admissions ticket within 24 hours.

We spent a total 2.5 total hours on the phone and requested a supervisor three times, but never got hold of one: they were all "with other customers" due to "unusually high volume of calls".

It is hard to imagine that those who register online experience such incredibly bad service as we did. It appears that test takes under-13 and their families are undeserved by the College Board: while the law prohibits their online registration the College Board is unwilling to invest in a process that would make their mail registration experience equitable.


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      Nov 28, 2017

    While you certainly had a negative experience, you do not have any true proof or evidence that any discrimination occurred.

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      Nov 28, 2017

    We have the same experience. And the test time is in just this weekend and we still have not received the admission ticket.

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