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Dec 28, 2020

Educational Testing Service [ETS] — Havent received score

I took the GRE on Nov 15th, as of yet I haven't received scores nor any answers; scores are available 10-15...

Educational Testing Service [ETS]gre, toefl

Hi, I am highly disappointed with ETS GRE and TOEFL products and services. The deadlines for all the PhD programs are coming and I need to send the scores before deadlines. But for no reason whatsoever, the system has started giving me 481 error and I can't do any payment for sending the scores. I have contacted the customer services and they haven't got back yet. This is NOT accepted.
Also, some schools require me to send the unofficial copy of my TOEFL scores and there I see the picture taken of me did not come well and I am not happy about it. After charging us with such amount of money, all I get is disappointment.

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    ETSticket purchasing at counter

    I buy for my brother tiket from bukit mertajam to kl sentral. At the counter the staff ask . Did your brother are students . And i said yes . When i want to pay . The ticket are discount untill 40% . And im like . Oh maybe this is student price. The staff didnt ask me if my brother have ktm virtual card or not . They just print out the ticket . And then i pay. When in ets for ticketing inspection My brother need to pay the punishment because he dont have the student card. So next time the staff should ask first either the passenger have student card or not.

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      Educational Testing Service [ETS]customer at the entrance gate

      I'm sending my mum(age 77) by eat train at 3.10pm to Ipoh. At 2.45pm dated 28/4/2019 I went to the entrance gate to ask for help to leave my mum's luggage at the side as she walks with a walking stick and I'm a single mum with one kid. I asked help from the grab driver to send my mum up stairs. The customer service girl who was welcoming the passengers was very rude. She refused to listen and help. I can be contacted by this number ([protected] jasmine) would appreciate if you could kindly contact me. They were busy putting henna.

      customer at the entrance gate
      customer at the entrance gate

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        Educational Testing Service [ETS]luggage storage area

        I've had a discomfort journey in riding ETS (No:9222) as my booked seat was located beside the Luggage Storage area. Throughout a 5 1/2 hours of journey, i was not able to have a proper nap/sleep at my booked seat as the luggages stored at the area kept on moving as the coach too moves. If its only 1 luggage, i can understand, however, I cant be bothered no longer by the fact there were 3 luggages moved towards my seat and hit me. This happened few times in throughout the journey. It seems that i'm a luggage keeper who had to hold the luggages from moving around. Such a discomfort! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND for something to be done such as installing a barricade to ensure luggages from moving around and caused inconvenience to the passengers same as mine.

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          ETSchange platform without announce

          Kami sekeluarga 2 orang dewasa dan 2 anak kecil telah membeli train ticket dari Padang Besar ke Kuala Lumpur yang bertarikh 27/12 pagi 11.15am, total rm320.Kami telah sampai 2 jam awal dekat KTM station dan kami tunggu. Ada papan yang menunjukkan tunggu di platform 1. Kami turun ke tempat naik train platform 1 hampir 45minute awal sebelum train sampai. Sebelum turun, kami juga memastikan ia menunjukkan di platform 1. Kami telah tanya KTM officer tempat yang sepatutnya kami tunggu train. Officer beritahu platform 1.

          Kami tunggu sampai masa 11.15am pun tiada train sampai. Lepas itu kami dengar announcement train pergi Kuala lumpur di platform 2 akan berjalan sekarang. Kami lari pergi platform 2, tak sampai 30saat, tak sempat bagi Kami naik train, train sedang bertolak.

          Polis yang berada panggir Kami terus pergi jumpa KTM manager yang bertugas, tetapi manager tiada. Pengurus station yang layan kami adalah EN. Basri. Kami sampai telah minta bukti yang menunjukkan KTM ada buat announcement sebelum 5 atau 10 minute awal mengenai tukar platform pergi 2. Mereka ada cadang naik train pergi Buterworth dan naik bus balik KL. Mereka tak dapat buktikan apa apa lepas tunggu 2 jam. Kami tanyakan next train yang pergi KL, Boleh kami naik? Lepas tunggu mereka Check dan tanya orang atasan, lepas 2 jam, mereka kata tak ada ticket pergi KL, dia cadangkan perlu tukar train dekat ipoh dan pergi ke KL. Tetapi semua perlu dibayar lagi.

          Soalan kami, kami tiada salah, mengapa nak kami bayar lagi untuk beli ticket baru? Dia kata hanya Boleh tolong bagi free ticket sampai Buterworth sahaja. Orang atasan tak benarkan. Next train pergi KL pada pukul 2.20pm, kami minta masuk walaupun tiada tempat duduk. Walaupun duduk di kantin, kami pun boleh terima. Tetapi, Officer itu kata orang atasan tak benarkan.

          Dengan tiada pilihan lain, kami terpaksa tukar pergi Buterworth dan naik bus balik ke Johor. Kami terpaksa beli ticket bus baru yang berharga rm240 lagi. KTM Officer hanya jawab dia tak boleh buat apa-apa. Kami sebagai mangsa, telah rugi wang, rugi masa, tambahan kejar bas di Buterworth lagi. Itu tak perlu cerita di sini.

          Kami harap Ketua KTM boleh menyiasat kejadian ini dan memberi kami penjelasan
          yang boleh diterima. Di sini, kami juga minta bayaran balik atas kerugian ticket train kami sahaja kerana ini adalah kesalahan pihak KTM. Kalau KTM dapat buktikan ada buat announcement awal memberitahu tukar platform, sila tunjukkan.

          Lampiran adalah ticket train kami yang beli dan 1 ticket sementara yang dibuka oleh Officer KTM pergi Buterworth untuk rujukan tuan.

          Di sini, email ini kami pun cc bagi Transport Minister, Antony Loke. Harap YB boleh mengenalpasti masalah yang berlaku di KTM juga. Kali ini adalah kali pertama nak bawa anak nak cuba naik train melancong dengan berbesar hati, tetapi kecewa semua orang akhirnya. Apa akan berlaku jika sekarang adalah pelancong dari luar negara? Mereka nak pergi mana buat aduan? Memang kecewa hati terhadap KTM MALAYSIA ini.

          Kami harap dapat maklum balas daripada KTM dalam masa terdekat ini.

          Sila call kami,
          MR.LIAW [protected]
          MRS.LIAW [protected].

          Terima Kasih.

          MR.LIAW & MRS.LIAW.

          change platform without announce
          change platform without announce
          change platform without announce

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            ETSets cancel my exam without refund

            I would like to notify you that I am not satisfied with the service I have received from the gre test center due to the cancellation of my exam.

            The first cancellation was on october 28, 2017 three days before the exam and then I received a confirmation and when I called the center they told me it was cancelled! As you can see in the attached emails and at that time I had to cancel my trip to jeddah.

            Later I received an email confirming that the makeup test date will be 25 november 2017 but at this time I was not confident of the efficiency of the electronic email so I called the test center to get the confirmation of exam date and as in attached email, I have got the confirmation at (25 november 2017).

            I booked a hotel and traveled to jeddah and went to coral international school on the exam day and I found that the school is closed!!!. I found a lot of students waiting and no one responsible from the exam was there. I spoke to security guards and got the number of school principals "miss rania" and she told me she did get nothing and she received an email that the exam was canceled on 24 november 2017!!!

            I sent lots of email to [protected] but I have to response at all. I also asked them to transfer the money to my account so I can register for gre mathematics test on 27 oct 2018 but I have no response from them.

            I would like to ask you to solve the issue for me please. The attached files are the email sent to and received from [protected]

            Best regards

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              Dear sirs, mdm,
              I m amazed with the launched of double track. When this was first started, the travelling was assured within less than 2 hours to 2.05 hr. However, as time goes by, the schedule hour has been slowly and surely extended. Of course this, may due to multiple stop train. Not only the schedule was extended. The timing and punctuality has become worst. The train has never be on time as far as my ride is concern. This has affected most of our meeting, appointment, relative who fetch us and traffic jam outside the train station cos of waiting queue. I really hope the ets which suppose to be latest introduction with double track can improve on the punctuality.

              By desperado

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                Initially I scheduled my toefl exam for 12-nov-2017 (pune). But they rescheduled it to 25-nov. And afterwards they rescheduled it again to 2-dec.
                Ideally if some test center is not available, it should not be displayed on the website for booking.
                Some universities have deadlines of 1-dec and I will miss those dates. And if it keeps rescheduling, I will drastically affect my plans for masters.

                Ets order id [protected]
                Registration number [protected]

                I want to take the test as early as possible but preferably before 1-december 2017.

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                  ETS — gre

                  I am in the midst of applying to graduate school. I took the gre test in may, but was not able to find one of...

                  ETS — gre psychology subject test

                  I have taken the test twice at the same location (st. Cloud university) within the span of six months (april...

                  ETS — train delay

                  Dear ets, I am really disappointed with your service. It had been the second time your train from ipoh to...

                  ETSets score reporting services

                  I have recently sent gre test scores to two universities:
                  1] purdue university - 1631
                  2] nyu tandon school of engineering - 2886

                  And toefl scores to three universities:
                  1] purdue university - 1631
                  2] nyu tandon school of engineering - 2886
                  3] northeastern university-3665

                  I haven't received any email stating my order receipt or confirmation whereas the money has been deducted from my account.

                  It would be kind enough if you look into the matter as soon as possible.

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                    ETScommunication regarding identification document

                    In the website of ets, its written that while appearing for examination/test all candidates need to bring "valid identification document" as per their country identification policy. I belong from pakistan, here valid identification document is "computerized national identitiy card" I brought that when appearing for test. However, prometric (ets affiliated institution) didn't let me appear for test. I belong from a very under privileged family, I couldn't afford worth cost of $200 to pay ets again. I requested in many emails to ets but all in vain. I am very disappointed and hopeless by the attitude of ets and their affiliated centre. Thanks best regards tahira

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                      ETSscore report for 5 colleges

                      Additional score receipt

                      I have made a payment of $135 for sending gre scores to 5 universities to ets.

                      The refernce code of the payment is 113268, although after making the payment I didnot receive a receipt for the transaction on my gmail id ([protected]

                      Payment has been made and it is not reflecting on my gre account, kindly look into the issue asap.


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                        ETSI never got reimbursed or paid for the work

                        Offered a job hotel inspecting by the company director matthew saunders after many meetings discussing salary and interviews I was offered a job I was explained about the expenses being paid and then claiming them back and the procedure and the salary after thing had been booked for me more hotels were being booked than I visited and I never got reimbursed or paid for the work.

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                          Educational Testing Servicetesting location changed without notification

                          I was scheduled to take the engl lang, literature, and composition: essays on june 11, 2011. My report time was 10:45 am. I reported to the testing center early. When I arrived, all of the doors were locked. I immediately called ets to inform them that I could not enter the building. After being placed on hold for some minutes, I was informed the testing location had changed. I received no notification of this change even though ets has several different contacts for me. Since I still had time to make it to the testing location the agent gave me, I attempted to do so.

                          Once I started looking, it became immediately clear that all of the entrances to the campus were closed; I was still on the phone with ets. After about five minutes of trying to find the "new location" malcom of ets told me that I was now too late to take the exam and I would not be permitted into the building even if I did locate it. He also informed me that I "may have forfeited my money." after the conversation with malcom (ets supervisor), I took many videos and pictures of the campus' entrances.

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                            • Bu
                              builtech Aug 14, 2018

                              On 6/22/18 our company credit card ending in 6837 was charged for $80.00 without our knowledge or consent.
                              All the description said was "ETS " no phone number provided, only the web address.
                              I am currently disputing this charge with our bank.

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