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Educational Testing Service [ETS] Complaints & Reviews

Educational Testing Service [ETS] / customer at the entrance gate

Apr 28, 2019

I'm sending my mum(age 77) by eat train at 3.10pm to Ipoh. At 2.45pm dated 28/4/2019 I went to the entrance gate to ask for help to leave my mum's luggage at the side as she walks with a walking stick and I'm a single mum with one kid. I asked help from the grab driver to send my mum up...

Educational Testing Service [ETS] / luggage storage area

Jan 30, 2019

I've had a discomfort journey in riding ETS (No:9222) as my booked seat was located beside the Luggage Storage area. Throughout a 5 1/2 hours of journey, i was not able to have a proper nap/sleep at my booked seat as the luggages stored at the area kept on moving as the coach too...

ETS / change platform without announce

Dec 27, 2018

Kami sekeluarga 2 orang dewasa dan 2 anak kecil telah membeli train ticket dari Padang Besar ke Kuala Lumpur yang bertarikh 27/12 pagi 11.15am, total rm320.Kami telah sampai 2 jam awal dekat KTM station dan kami tunggu. Ada papan yang menunjukkan tunggu di platform 1. Kami turun ke tempat...

ETS / ets cancel my exam without refund

Sep 21, 2018

I would like to notify you that I am not satisfied with the service I have received from the gre test center due to the cancellation of my exam. The first cancellation was on october 28, 2017 three days before the exam and then I received a confirmation and when I called the center they told me...

ETS / complaint

Jan 25, 2018

Dear sirs, mdm, I m amazed with the launched of double track. When this was first started, the travelling was assured within less than 2 hours to 2.05 hr. However, as time goes by, the schedule hour has been slowly and surely extended. Of course this, may due to multiple stop train. Not...

ETS / toefl

Nov 23, 2017

Initially I scheduled my toefl exam for 12-nov-2017 (pune). But they rescheduled it to 25-nov. And afterwards they rescheduled it again to 2-dec. Ideally if some test center is not available, it should not be displayed on the website for booking. Some universities have deadlines of 1-dec...

ETS / gre

Nov 21, 2017

I am in the midst of applying to graduate school. I took the gre test in may, but was not able to find one of the schools I intended to send my scores to on the ets database, and so I submitted my score to 3 schools electronically and 1 school manually. After 3 weeks, I had received my...

ETS / gre psychology subject test

Oct 28, 2017

I have taken the test twice at the same location (st. Cloud university) within the span of six months (april and october 2017). The first time I took it, I followed the address written on the ticket. And I was taken to a different location from the test center. Whoever was in charge of...

ETS / train delay

Sep 24, 2017

Dear ets, I am really disappointed with your service. It had been the second time your train from ipoh to butterworth delayed. Your staff can't even provide the estimated time of arrival for the train and their attitude isn't good. (counter staff) By the way, your staff didnt make any...

ETS / ets score reporting services

Dec 16, 2016

I have recently sent gre test scores to two universities: 1] purdue university - 1631 2] nyu tandon school of engineering - 2886 And toefl scores to three universities: 1] purdue university - 1631 2] nyu tandon school of engineering - 2886 3] northeastern university-3665 I haven't received any...

ETS / communication regarding identification document

Oct 27, 2015

In the website of ets, its written that while appearing for examination/test all candidates need to bring "valid identification document" as per their country identification policy. I belong from pakistan, here valid identification document is "computerized national identitiy card" I...

ETS / score report for 5 colleges

Sep 12, 2015

Additional score receipt I have made a payment of $135 for sending gre scores to 5 universities to ets. The refernce code of the payment is 113268, although after making the payment I didnot receive a receipt for the transaction on my gmail id ([email protected]). Payment has been made and it...

ETS / I never got reimbursed or paid for the work

Aug 15, 2012

Offered a job hotel inspecting by the company director matthew saunders after many meetings discussing salary and interviews I was offered a job I was explained about the expenses being paid and then claiming them back and the procedure and the salary after thing had been booked for me...

Educational Testing Service / testing location changed without notification

Feb 27, 2012

I was scheduled to take the engl lang, literature, and composition: essays on june 11, 2011. My report time was 10:45 am. I reported to the testing center early. When I arrived, all of the doors were locked. I immediately called ets to inform them that I could not enter the building. After...

Maple Leaf International Consulting Inc. - Educational Testing Service / Counterfeit Sham Preparation Educational Testing Service


Maple Leaf International Consulting Inc. - Educational Testing Service, Counterfeit Sham Preparation course The training at Maple Leaf International Consulting Inc was fricking horrendous. SCAM SHAM SCAM With their fraudulent dumb ### slogan that states Doing it Right Ever Time. The...