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Complaints & Reviews

services for students of disabilities

My name is Gilda Falso and I have sent multiple requests in for my son, Jonathan Falso SSD# [protected], to be given enough extended so that he can have enough time to finish is SAT testing. Each time I jump through another hoop to get the information that the college board request and they never seem to review the whole file like they are supposed to. The last time after waiting seven weeks for the review process, on 2/16/17, we received another letter declining Jonathan's request for extended this time they "thought" that Jonathan's IEP dated 11/16/16 was reflected a "new" accommodation of 300% and they letter clearly states this. However, this is not a new IEP accommodation, it has been in his IEP for some time. I have even sent the college board Joanthan passed IEP which states the same Extended time and I included a letter stating that This was already in his passed IEP and the team decided to keep this amount of time. It isn't fair for my family to have to wait seven weeks for a review that I based on inaccurate information. I should have to wait another seven weeks, because of their i incompetence. My son is waiting and waiting and for nothing. Please direct me to someone that can help me. this is not right.
Here is the letter they sent and I have
We CANNOT approve your request for my Jonathan Falso
Reading Greater than +100%: 300
Writing Greater than +100%: 300
Mathematical Calculations Greater than +100%: 300
The following provides more specific information regarding our decision:
Your newest request for 300% extended time was reviewed by qualified professionals. All newly and previously submitted
documents were thoroughly reviewed, including your doctor's note, one teacher survey, personal statement, and IEP from
11/14/2016. Following this review, it was determined that the documentation does not demonstrate the need for 300% extended
time on College Board tests.
You were previously approved for 100% extended time, permission to record answers in the test book, noise cancelling headphones
(with restrictions), one-to-one testing, MP3 Audio, extra and extended breaks, and a computer for essay sections which have been
determined to effectively accommodate your disability. If you choose to re-submit a request for accommodations, please provide a
detailed rationale with supporting documentation as to why the previously approved accommodations do not effectively
accommodate your disability and why you need 300% in addition to the approved accommodations on College Board tests.
It would be most helpful for the College Board to understand why your school decided to reconvene and implement a new IEP
which indicates that you now receive up to 300% extended time. It would be most helpful for the College Board to understand the
the process and/or techniques used by your school to arrive at the creation of your new IEP, 2) information regarding your academic
performance prior to the new IEP, and 3) why that specific accommodation (up to 300% extended time) was included in your plan.

scores not sent on time & as advertised, & poor customer service

I am writing about the order that I made for my son. We ordered it on November 19, 2016 & paid extra for rush delivery of his score to a specific college. The deadline for submission of this requirement for this college was Oct. 22, 2016. We have called College board customer service at [protected] multiple times because from what their website says, if we pay extra the scores will be delivered in 2-4 days. We called on Oct. 21st, 24th & today 25th. We were always told to wait. On the 24th, I spoke to a lady agent who had a bad attitude & was not understanding of my frustration & said she doesn't know what's the status of our order & just wait ... again. Upon my insisting for an answer to what's holding my order, she said she would escalate the matter & I should receive an email soon. One day has past, no emails or calls & upon checking our prospect college, they still have not received my son's scores. Status of this order at their website has been "awaiting fullfilment" for 5 days already. When I called today, 25th, I spoke to an agent named Luis. A much worse agent than the lady I spoke to yesterday. Very sarcastic, raising his voice & just speaks sharply ... no customer service skills at all & talks like irritated because I was persistent for an answer. I was trying to explain that my son's future is at stake here & he, like the lady I spoke to the day before, don't seem to understand & he said the same thing to wait (again) & that he doesn't know what's holding my son's order. I demanded to speak to someone who knows & he just dismissed my request saying that the manager won't know either. Needless to say, I was very frustrated & mad at the way that he was being sarcastic, not helpful & not being understanding of my frustration. We paid extra & the delivery of the product was not as advertised on their website. We missed the Oct. 22 deadline for our prospect college & still no answer or movement of an order that we paid extra for.


I have had the worst experience with college board. I have never in my life dealt with a company that is so rude to its customers. College board made a huge mistake and I have been treated like I am the one that made the mistake. A testing center took all the kids' calculators erroneously and now college board is pretty much saying, "oh well.. Sorry about you!

I filed a formal claim the day that my child took the test. The issue was purposely drawn out so now they say everything is locked and they can't help me. They never wanted to help me in the first place. They say that something could have been done within the first nine days. I called the day that he took the test!!!

ap score reporting

I will be writing my state senators about what a governmental cog the college board is... Not even smart...

Lithia Education

didn't receive sat qas

I registered my son for the october 11, 2014 sat and paid extra for the question and answer service (Qas). After not hearing anything from the college board at the end of november, I opened an inquiry online and after several back and forth emails was told that our qas was mailed november 11th and to allow two to three weeks for internal processing (?). I called them on november 26th, the end of the three weeks after they said they sent it and had to ask for a supervisor because the customer service person knew absolutely nothing — she kept asking me to read her what the email from the college board said and when they claimed they mailed the report — doesn't she have that information?? The supervisor said to wait until the end of the week, and if it still didn't arrive, they would resend it. It didn't arrive so I called today (Monday dec. 8th, almost a full month after they claim they sent the report), the customer service person said she would have the report resent and to allow 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. She was completely unhelpful and unfriendly when I asked why it would take so long to resend it. My son is retaking the test on january 24th so let's hope they can get the qas to us before then, otherwise it was a complete waste of money.

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awful support staff

Collegeboard is a rip off. During registration, they charge a mysterious fee of $35 just because i'm from the middle east. What a discrimination!!

I've been trying to change the spelling of my name too. After a full month of back and forth emails with their "support" staff, still nothing. At first they sent me a list of required documents to be submitted to prove my identity. I sent them all, but somehow they chose that their own list was not enough, so they sent me yet another whole list of documents required. I sent one from the list but they are asking for more. They are rude, cold, inexperienced, and extremely unprofessional. Even in a single email they contradict themselves!

They reply to emails at least 48 hours later each time, and every single time a different agent replies who clearly knows nothing about my case. I'm so tired...

My family members have a combined experience of 60+ years of professional experience with frequent abroad visits which require lots of documentation for visas, etc and none of them could believe the arrogance and completely broken system of college board's "customer service". No wonder they don't have an official complaint department!


Horrible service, 2 weeks to process request to send scores for sat taken more than a year earlier, will not...

double billed

I registered my daughter for the sat test and was charged twice and no registeration confirmation. I called customer service and they said that my daughter was not registered and that they had not received any money despite the fact that my bank indicated that they had been paid two times. They seemed to treat this error as common and blamed it on me and my bank. They would not help me register my daughter and said it was easy.

  • Ma
    madashe** Dec 28, 2012

    I was also charged twice and I'm writing my complaint on any blog that I can. There is no incentive for College board to do the right thing. It is the only way you can register for the SAT. What a Scam. They also treated me like it was my banks fault now I'm going to go through my bank to dispute the charge. College Board is the worst.

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not even a bit helpful, xenophobic

I registered for sat 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I have 2 first names and forgot to write one of them while registering. Just after confirmation, I realized that and sent an e-mail to customer services about that.

They wanted me to give essential information like my actual name, address, nickname etc. And I did so. I was expecting my name to be changed but I got another request instead. The request was samples of 2 ids. I am not living in an english-speaking country so I don't have any english ids. So I took pictures of 2 of my ids and added some translations by paint and sent them.

But I got an auto-reply answer like this: "ids should be in english. If not, than you should send notary sealed translations of them. One must be government issued and other should be school issued."

That was ok but bureaucracy is a bit tough here so I told about this toughness. But got the same auto-reply again, from another employee.

So I wrote some other replies in this order:'formal, frustrated formal, frustrated semi-formal, raging absolutely-not-formal, yielding formal'. But I always got the same auto-reply mail.

Finally I asked about refunds, knowing the answer. Answer was like "what is a refund, does it look like bananas?", as I expected.

1) I registered via web and wasn't asked for anything like an id. So I gave essential info (All info could be asked) enough to prove my existence. I exist, my name is longer than I gave before so what the hell is the matter?

2) maybe that wasn't enough to prove my existence. Maybe I could be an ai from the future, trying to fool the college board. So I was asked for an, (No no no! That is not plural), two ids.
I may understand that. So I sent those ids, along with the translation.

3) that wasn't frustrating enough because it took just 10 minutes. They had the ids, pictures were matching with my registration photo, name was matching too except the other-first name but frustration, there wasn't enough frustration. So I had to take a walk for the notary after school, wait there and then pay for an unnecessary fee just to satisfy them about my existence.

If those are just formalities, aren't they a bit xenophobic. Why should I pay my whole-day-meal-money just for a sealed translation, for a thing about a correction about another thing I registered via web.

If it is about not understanding, than any search engine can explain about non-english documents if there is something else needed than my name and picture.

And sending the same reply all the time (5 times) deserves a complaint alone.

cheated for sat

First I registered for may sat exam, the college board charged me double fees and did not accept my registeration. Then I tried to register for june sat for year 2012, again they didn't tell me that june sat is for 2013 and again charged me double amount because they didn't have a seat in new delhi and they didn't inform me about passport I don't have my passport for now. Now all my money is wasted and I won't be able to give my sat exam on june 2nd.
This is noway to harass students and parents. I have been cheated by college board since 2 months.
I want my money back for this cheating and fraud as soon as possible to avoid any legal action against college board.

customer service

I'm very upset with their customer service. I ordered a product from the collegeboard online store. But what I realized that the product I ordered was not the product I was looking for. So I called the day that I placed the order to ask them to cancel my order. The customer service agent told me to call back tomorrow because it's too early for my transaction to show up on my account. I listened and called back the next day. A different customer service agent answered my call and after I told him the story of what had happened the day before, he redirected me to the sat bookstore. The lady from the sat bookstore tells me that it's too late to cancel my order! I was extremely angry. As I attempted to find a way to return my product without having to pay shipping, they avoided me by connecting me to various agents and using tactics so they can avoid my complaint.
So here's the summary.
I paid 22$ for the product itself plus 10$shipping.
They don't return the 10$ shipping fee.
And I had to spend $15 dollars to ship it back, which i'm also not getting back.
The customer service is, in conclusion, like #.

  • Sc
    schoolmom Nov 02, 2009

    I just spent two days trying to complete the CSS profile for my daughter which was due on Nov 1. It 's a 20min form that was not available until one hour after the deadline was over. The college board makes so much money but i'm glad a lot a schools are not taking this racket too serious any more.

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  • Ma
    madashe** Dec 28, 2012

    The customer service people just feed you a line. They know they are not doing anything. No incentive to do a good job. They have the whole SAT market.

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  • Am
    AMOMMY May 22, 2015

    today I just got off the phone with the college Board and once again I was promised an answer by a certain date. This is the third guarantee that they have given me. I guess I should understand that it is worth less than the time I wasted waiting for them to get back to after talking to a "Supervisor". Interestingly when I asked for the surpervisor's name, the agent gave me a very feminine name, Jeanine, but continued to refer to the supervisor as "he" and "him". My guess is that while he left me on hold to "talk" to his supervisor, he went to get a cup of coffee and enjoyed and then came back to provide a guarantee - I repeat a third guarantee. This was after when an another agent told me that no supervisor was available. I am beginning to think that the people who man the phones at the collegeboard were high performers at providing service at the major Telco - we all know that customer service at Telcos is an oxymoron.

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  • St
    Steffany _ Feb 28, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called collegeboard to receive my sat scores. The first agent i got was nice. I told him i wasn't too sure of the date that i took the sat and with my information, he was able to tell me that i took the sat in may 2011. He told me that i should be able to check my sat score on my collegeboard account. It's been so long that i couldn't even remember that i had an account so he provided me with my username and a temporary password. I verified with him if i would be able to retrieve my sat scores on my account, he said yes. I log in, no test score available. I call back, not even 5 minutes later, this same agent had a similar accent but only this time, he was rude. I explained to him that i had just called and there were no sat scores available. He ignored me. I waited for a good 20 seconds to see if he would reply, i thought maybe he was running up my information. No. So i say, "hello?" twice! Finally, i get a, "yes ma'am. " i repeat myself again, and what happens? He ignores me again! I waited for 30 seconds!!! Confused! Is this some kind of joke! I asked him if he could hear me, he said yes. So why was i being ignored?! So he ran up my information. Asked me to verify my security question. I answered it. Another silence! Another hello! And he asks me to verify that same security question again!!! So i do. He tells me that on my username, i should click it and i'll be able to get the scores. Again. No scores available. He made me sign in and out about 3-4 times. Same thing. And then, he had the nerve to tell me that he would walk me through it, because apparently, i was doing it wrong. He spoke to me like i was an idiot. I held my tongue. He basically told me to do the same exact thing he asked me to do, 3-4 times already!!! And then he goes to say, 'oh, you don;t have any sat scores. " i tell him that i'm calling to retrieve my scores for that 2011 year that i was told i took it. And he goes to tell me, "you didn't take the sat. " so i'm telling him that the agent i spoke to, not that long ago, told me that i took the sat may 2011! He tells me that the agent who told me that gave me wrong information. The agent i first spoke to sounded just like him! I am apalled! Shook to the core! This is one of the worst customer service i have ever received in my life! If i did not have sat scores to begin with, why didn't you mention that from the beginning?! I don't know his name. He said his name and id number but his accent and the way he spoke, sounded like gibberish. Supposedly, for "quality service" the line is recorded. Well i hope it was recorded and dealt with because his service and attitude was beyond unacceptable and disrespecting. I will let everyone i know about the experience i had with collegeboard customer service. Disgusting.

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sat scores

Looks like college board is starting a trend. Beware consumers... They have messed up sending scores for both of my children. The whole process is looking very suspicious. Collecting funds and not following through and no way for the consumer to know about it. I would not use college board to send your scores — the are a racket and you can't trust them

  • On
    ONDIEKI Mar 03, 2010

    Am kindly requesting my SAT scores, the test i sat on Nov 7th 2009 to be sent to me since the test have not sent to me and on confirming the issue they demanded that they have not recieved the hardcopy yet.

    My name is KELVIN ONDIEKI, Registration number 0019947870 of test center 77-966 Nairobi KENYA.

    My email address, [email protected]
    Postal address, p.o. Box 7298-00300 NAIROBI KENYA.
    Cell phone, +254 710 970 479

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sat is scam and fraud

Sat is a scam... It is based on where you live, how much money your parents make, if your parents ever went...

double charging

The college board — provider of the sat college entrance exam, ap high school classes for college credit...