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I went to Coles in gungallin tonight to buy cigarettes as I do most nights. When I went to the counter I asked for smokes when one of your new staff members asked for id i explained I had forgot it and had a picture of my liecence and passport. Your staff member said he could not serve me I then tried to explain I have been buying cigarettes for over two years and he said there was nothing could do which I had no problem with I then asked could I see the manger or is there anyone else there with a Tabco liecence because they would know me he replied saying no there was no manger and and no body else with a tabcoo liecence to serve me so I went home and got my passport and went back up and he had changed till and one the girls that always sees me served me because she knows I always go to your store and I have been for over two years. I approached your new staff member to ask why he said there was nobody else there to serve tabcoo when the girl was. He got really aggressive towards me when I asked and replied sayin "get over it" I left the store because he was raising his voice while other customers where in the store which made me feel embarrassed and threatened. I have been a loyal customer to your store. I never got agressive towards him and it is no way to treat a customer. I would feel uncomfortable going back to shop in your store again because of this.

Feb 05, 2017

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