Coles Supermarkets / product and service complaint


At approximately 5 pm yesterday 24/10/18 I walked into your store at UPPER COOMERA QLD and asked for a refund on COLES PEAS AND CORN that I had purchased Worongary Store for 98 cents per can 8 cans purchased in total opened the first can and they were horrible so chose to return the others

When the front end staff attempted to return the product it scanned at 28c she then said I would only be allowed a refund of 28 cents per can I said that doesn't seem write there has to be an override button somewhere

Then I had another member of your staff come to assist which she failed told me because I didn't buy it from that store that I couldn't return it there to which I responded

This is a Coles store this is a Coles product should not matter where I return it to she was not helpful at all and quite rude

I then asked to speak with the Manager a female came to the front counter her name was Vikki went through the situation again and her response was return it to the store I purchased it from they might be able to help me

I found the whole situation to be quite disgusting in reference to service from your Staff as a local resident this is normally where I do my weekly shopping but based on the experience I wont be back

Surely there was a way for your staff to complete the transaction nobody should be expected to receive less than what they paid for the product but that was all they told me I could do BAD BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

I will be much happier purchasing elsewhere and as we say word of mouth is everything COLES UPPER COOMERA you have lost a shopper

Oct 23, 2018

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