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Hazelmere, AU


I'm writing to you as I live in a small remote regional town in western australia. Our community had enough of our local shop and there rediculous pricing a long time ago now that we were even willing to drive a total of six hours to go to karratha on a day trip and back. Finally we have another transport company that can bring our food up if we get it delivered to there depot. The community was told to notify sharleen at 0337. Online. [protected] Au or via phone on [protected] and give your name and make sure she is aware it is for onslow in regional western australia.
I placed my order and did all of the above and called sharleen and she confirmed she knew about my order.
We received our order on thursday 16/3/17 in onslow. However alot of my meat is out of date, i've attached pics, please rectify this situation. Our community is placing our trust in coles to provide a fresh food service. My understanding was that we email you so you can make sure we get fresh stock since we are regional. My rockmelon is tasteless and the same with my peaches. I feel that the company has used this service to get rid of old stock to people in the country who can't do much about it. We pay over $100 to have our food delivered up here and this sort of service is not good enough. Please contact me back via email or on the number below to rectify this matter.

Kindest regards
Rosalind allister
Po box 153
Wa 6710

Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets

Mar 22, 2017

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