Coles SupermarketsI am complaining about the staff attitude

I went to Coles supermarket in Brandon Park early in the morning at 8am. At the counter I was confusingly get the wrong rewards card (which was Woolworths card) by mistake. The cashier named Eileen didn't say that I've got the Woolworths card so I was thinking what's wrong and then I realised it was a wrong rewards card then I gave her Coles rewards card and said sorry right away but she shouted at me and said "THAT'S INSULTING, LOOK AT YOUR BACK, IT'S A COLES! IT'S COLES!! " .
This is unacceptable!, I was feel ashamed in front of other customers next to me.
At the first place I've said sorry,
Secondly I came from night duty so my mind can't focus because I was so sleepy. Lastly, nobody's perfect! I'm just human that can make mistake. She shouldn't shouted at me! Whatever problems she has she must not bring that at work and she doesn't deserve that position! I hope you'll get attention on this matter so other customer don't experience this kind of treatment. Thank you!

Coles Supermarkets

May 12, 2017

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