Coles Supermarkets / drisols raspberries

Norwood, South Australia, Australia

Raspberries are my favourite fruit. I have been greatly disgusted in the freshness of this product, every punet I have purchased I have brought home to discover alarming ammounts of mold infested through the raspberries. After carefully examining a punet I purchased today for $7 dollars, I ate nearly all of them to discover the last few had mold growing from the inside, once mold is there it spreads worse than a diseases so I am certain the reason I am unwell (Spewing, hot and cold flushes and feeling light headed) was caused by all the moldy raspberries I ate. I am 5 months pregnant, the last thing I wanted was to get sick off unfresh moldy raspberries. I am very certain I wont be wasting another $7 on a punet of moldy raspberries.

Jan 10, 2017

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