Colescoles mozzarella light cheese.

Went shopping at 4.30 last night to Coles St Agnes as usuall, got Burritos for tea, got all the items to go with the recipe, went home started cooking the chicken, while chichen is cooking got the capsicum, cheese etc in the dishes, all ready so i served myself first as my son was not ready, just finished eating the first one when my son said yuk there is mould in the cheese, i got up and put my glasses on and yes mould, i did not wear my glasses while cooking, dont get me wrong it was not full of mould but that is not the point, have the rest of the cheese with mould in the fridge with the docket, but just to hard to go and take it back, Coles does not give a rats, will not buy Coles items again, its not the staffs fault, they are nice there, in future i will also be wearing my glasses when i cook, thinking about eating mould YUK.

May 04, 2017

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