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2861 W 120th Ave Ste 200, Westminster, CO, United States
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Phone: (720) 394-2960

If you would like to save yourself the time and headache, avoid this loan officer. Excited as I was to be a first time home buyer, this individual made it an unbearable process. This individual had me sold on a low interest rate, closing cost, and quick closing date. Giving me a great sales pitch, nevertheless, failed to deliver each promise that was made. After inspection and appraisal, the communication from this individual ceased. My agent and I both emailed, called, and left messages only to be left unanswered. My agent and I personally had to stop by this individual's office on several occasions to receive the repetitive answer that the questions asked are being looked upon. My agent's manager had to step in to have the process rolling. My promised closing date was pushed back weekly and sure enough exceeding my locked interest expiration date, although this individual was made aware by both my agent and I that the expiration date was near. This individual assured us that the extension fee for the rate would be taken care of personally. With such a slow progress and lack of effort on this individual's end, my documents were submitted and nearly missed my contract's expiration date. As this was not bad enough, I received news from this individual later that evening after my documents were already submitted that this individual will not completely cover the extension fee to my interest rate as this individual was not at fault blaming the sales and listing agent for not doing their jobs properly. My good faith estimate and interest rate were also increased and more funds were needed at the closing table due to the lack of effort on this individual's part. Shop around, pay the extra closing cost and slightly higher interest rate to save yourself from acquiring a transaction with an individual such as this.

Mar 21, 2013

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