Coldwater Creek Direct, LLCHorrible Customer Experience

The Coldwater Creek that most people know went bankrupt in early 2014 and closed all of their retail stores. An investment firm bought up the assets and domain name and reopened as Coldwater Creek Direct, LLC in October, 2014. The new company doesn't have it's act together.

I placed an order of two items on Dec. 15 with the promise that they would be delivered by Christmas. Two days before Christmas I called to find out the status of my order and they couldn't find it! I was on hold for 15 minutes and finally was told that "it was being packed". I asked if it would still arrive by Christmas and they told me "Thursday". When I reminded them that that was Christmas Day, I asked if they would ship FedEx Next Day and they said they would. I asked if they would call me when that happened and once again they said that they would. Neither happened. And needless to say, the order did NOT arrive by Christmas!

I did receive one item in the order on the Saturday AFTER Christmas by regular USPS. I then called the following Monday to find out what happened to the second item, I was told it was out of stock. When I asked why I was not informed of that when I originally placed the order, they could not provide an answer.

I asked for the name of the President of the company in order to write a complaint letter, and was told that they could not give out that information. My research later discovered that it is David Walde, who was hired away from John Blair to run their operation,

This company does not have their act together, and so I'd advise to stay far away.

Dec 30, 2014

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