Cogeco / internet service/ price


I have been a cogeco customer for years but only because my choices are so extremely limited in the town I live in. I used to have a bundle package that included tv and internet. When I needed to change it because it was so expensive, I cancelled the tv portion. After all they have us by the b**ls...who can be without internet these days! Because I unbundled I only save a few dollars a month instead of the difference between their posted online rates. ugh Now my service is so poor, internet is not in the least bit reliable. After riding that out for some time, I went on their website to find out that I am paying almost $25.00 a month more than the posted rate for the exact same service! BTW, yes it's unbundled rate and not new customer, so apples to apples. Of course a loyal customer doesn't get anything except JACKED!!! I would love to cancel, but unfortunately only Bell and wave direct are available where I live and neither of those are any better from what I'm not. HOW DO THEY GET AWAY with this crap? Why aren't they governed so they can't put the screws to us? If you can provide the service for a lesser amount then that's what we should ALL pay. Shame on you! If you fixed your rates imagine the loyalty you would get. How short sighted you are

Sep 21, 2017

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