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To whom it may concern:

After moving to my new address I had Cogeco internet installed on September 10, 2014 and since day 1, I started having difficulties with speed, slow connection-difficulty loading pages, unable to stream videos, down to No internet access at all.

Cogeco cable has been disconnected due to street construction and Cogeco left me with no internet service for 10 days!

After that I’ve called numerous times to customer service and technical support as
I recorded the slow speed (Download speed 23Mbps and -) that did not match the Ultimate 55 Package that I signed up for (Download speed 55Mbps/Upload 10Mbps).

After many hours, all requested system reset from my end and Cogeco tech support- showed no improvement. I had taken days off work for allowing Cogeco technician to fix this issue again and again.
Each time, I was assured the line is fully functional and ready to go when indeed my internet speed was not improved at all, just ignored …

Repeated phone calls, many of my hours and days spent to reason with Cogeco and ask why there is no internet and why I’m being charged when there is no service, non of any was answered or dough with by the Cogeco representative instead I was threatened that if I call for Cogeco technicians to show up again will be billed for their work !
On October 27, 2014 @ 11:40am (spooked to Representative Amy) new appointment was scheduled for technician to show up again, and I had to take all day off from 8-5pm again.

I was told that day that the modem that was installed by previous Cogeco technician requires additional package?!

I was not consulted about this decision, when technician decided to unplug my router and hooked up cogeco modem/router all in one for his own convenience hoping it will solve the issue, which it did not in this case!

I had my own router since day one and I did not request anything added to my services that I’m already not receiving!

It came down after all technicians’ visits and 5 months that the cogeco in wall cable had a broken connector, that was not once checked by any previous technicians…

Cogeco lies and cheats customers about the available services /speed, over usage, warning emails (never received) and their business techniques are completely dishonest, unacceptable and vulgar.

I was away; when I came back and I received the bill in February 2015 the bill amount was horrific!
I called Cogeco right away and as soon as I gave my account number the agent had a very rude attitude.
She then goes on yelling to me that my bill includes 2 months of my internet charges plus over usage fees, late payment interests, some technician work fees and on and on…
Cogeco has also added the amount from previous address to this bill as they can’t find the payment from August 2014.

Also she added that service charge for the technician’s visits were not all added as a customer courtesy from Cogeco so I guess I should feel lucky!?

When moving, back in August 2014 I have talked to Cogeco customer service to book appointment for internet hook up at my new location. I was told that my account balance has to be paid in full in order to get an appointment at the new address; that is as for the Cogeco Policy!
I have paid the bill of $444.16 back in 2014 and received booking for new installation on September 10, 2014. Cogeco supervisor offered to credit my new installation fee of $60 as for keeping the service and long time Cogeco customer.

Cogeco disconnected my internet service when I wasn’t home on February 24, 2015 and keep billing me again for no service provided in till March 11, 2015.

The package I have ordered (Ultimate 55-$63.95) was not provided as described by Cogego Company, therefore credit needs to be applied to my account ($ 63.95 x 7 months +13 tax) = $505.85
False and untrue/unreasonable charges including amount from previous address $444.16 (paid back in 2014), over usage fees $53.18 (did not go over! ), unreturned modem $84.75 (returned on March 5, [protected]@ Cogeco office -Pen Centre location) late payment fees $36.87 (ordered service was not provided since day of installation).
Time booked to accommodate cogeco technicians $125 per day/ x 3 days = $375
My time, car &kilometers ( 60km) driven to drop off equipment at the nearest location- $1.25/km= $75.

Cogeco has been harassing me, cheating, discriminating, and inconvenienced me by taking many hours from me without any obligation.

I expect “Cogeco” to be reliable for not providing the service to customers and in regards to my matter credit to my account in the total of $1574.81.

Jul 09, 2015
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  • Mk
      Jul 09, 2015

    DURING THIS COMPLAINT, YOU SAY THINGS LIKE "I expect “Cogeco” to be reliable for not providing the service to customers and in regards to my matter credit to my account in the total of $1574.81." AND "Cogeco has been harassing me, cheating, discriminating, and inconvenienced me by taking many hours from me without any obligation.".

    #1- It is LIABLE not RELIABLE
    #2- How are they DISCRIMINATING against you???
    #3- If you have had these problems from the start then WHY did you want them to hook up service at your new place AND why didn't you cancel the service when they could not fix it?
    #4- Part of you LONG complaint is that you had no service because of the construction at the street... How is that at all the fault of Service Provider???

    My thought is that either you do not have a problem with the service and maybe it is just your computer OR you are just complaining so that you don'r have to pay the bill

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  • Th
      Jul 10, 2015

    No where in that incoherent rambling complaint did you even come close to making any kind of point. We are all dumber now for having read it and may God have mercy on your soul.

    -1 Votes

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