Coca Cola / overcharged for coca cola product

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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On June 21, 2017, approx 7:40pm. I purchased a Dasani water through a vending machine (VN06001865) located at Los Angeles Trade Tech College, 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, California in front of the Disabled building. I put in $5.00, the water was dispensed, but NOT my change.

I immediately called the phone number on the vending machine and I spoke to Johnny [protected]. He apologized and said that he was able to send me vouchers for either soda or Dasani water. Johnny was not able to help me and he said that I had to call another department (Consumer Affairs [protected]) that will be able to assist me.

I called Consumer Affairs on June 22, 2017 at 7:08am. Spoke to a gentleman that I was not able to understand, due to a thick accent. From the very beginning he did not want to help me just transfer me to another department. Basically he said that he was not able to help me because, I paid CASH and he only handled credit cards transactions. He referred me to the original department I called the day before. I mentioned that I spoke to them already and that they would not be able to help me, due to their limitation on only being able to supply me for vouchers for product that I did not want. He just brushed me off and said that he can not help me and call the other number.

I called the original number [protected]. Spoke a young lady in Florida. She spent 3 minutes arguing with me that the only thing she was able to do was send me out a voucher
And I explained my frustration and that she was NOT solving my problem. After going back and forth she said that she could not help me, that may be her Supervisor can help. Of course I was never transferred to a Supervisor and the phone call was disconnected.

The vouchers would have to be redeemed for either sodas ( which I don't drink) or Dasani water (which I was going to get a Minute Maid lemonade...which I pressed wrong selection). The voucher is not the problem, the problem is that Now I am inconvenience to drive and redeem these vouchers at a store, which I don't shop at (every thing is purchased online), over paying for a product that I am forced to redeem and on top of that forcing me purchase something that I did not want. I am not trying to take advantage of the situation, I just want my $3.75 that is owed to me or send me the product.

Jun 22, 2017

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