Coca Cola / my coke rewards program

I've been a part of your My Coke Rewards program since it began, and I've got to tell you that the reward of this loyalty program has only gone down. At first it was great, then you decide to limit the number of points you could enter to 75 points per week (was that to punish your most loyal customers, just wondering), then you limit the number of each reward that you can get with your points, and now you're canceling the program altogether and replacing it with a new rewards program that sucks even worse than the old one did at the end! Now I've literally got a paper box full of coke caps with codes that are essentially worthless. If the My Coke Rewards program was created to frustrate and piss off your most loyal customer base, and erode your company's integrity and respect amongst your customers, then it certainly accomplished its purpose. I'm seriously considering being done with Coca-Cola altogether. I'm really not sure I want to support a company that runs their business and treats their customers the way you do, and from what I'm hearing, I'm certainly not alone. Wake up before it's too late!

Mar 17, 2017

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