Coca Cola / latino commercial

Landing, NJ, United States

My name is Cinthia Melucci, my second lastname is Gonzalez. I am a marketing analyst.
I saw your commercial about the latino comunity, and i felt kind of descriminated, left out.
I know, is not the company intentions, to create such a feeling in consumers/ clients. But i think, not even 1 company realize, that there is a whole different side of the latino people.
What i mean with that is, in South America, (i am from Uruguay), many of our native people were killed, so many of us, have lastnames from Europe (people who conquered the territory, mostly italian, spanish and portuguese). As you can see, my 1st and 2nd lastnames are Italian and Spanish, but i am a Latina, right?
What bothers me is that no one seems to care in do a little research, or try to integrate our south american culture into the picture of latino.
(Wich i think is a huge insight for your marketing department)
This is actually the 1st time i write a comment/ complaint, to express what i feel about it, and i am doing it, because this company is huge, and usually makes greats commercials. But i think is time to stop generalizing our latino culture, just because the majority of people living in US are from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.
This is one of the reason is hard for us, to actually feel conected to the word Latino, because, nothing of our culture, of our way to live is shown or mentioned, in commercials like this.

Thank you for your time.
Cinthia M.

Jan 31, 2017

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