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I started receiving these "Email CNN Alerts" to my gmail account. I didn't ask for any alerts.

The email offers unsubscribe which forces you to try to login first though. Since I have never registered with CNN.com it's a problem loging in. I try "forgot password" but once again since I've never registered with them the website says that there is no account with that email address - mind you though that the alerts are being sent to that email address which the website says it doesn't recognise.

It is a BS marketing ploy that I want to register a complaint against and alert others on the web that CNN is marketing itself in illicit ways.


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  1st of Jun, 2007
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CNN.com - Lottery scam
United States

This is yet another lottery scam telling me that I have won a lot of money. I should be a multi-millionaire by now and never have to work again. Don't get suckered into sending them all your personal details.
  15th of Oct, 2008
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Yesterday I almost been arested by two police officers because I spork to a federal agent on the phone I was frustated and made, she felt like I made some treat she sent two poplice officers to arrested me but have been call every single organization concerning human right, Discriminations, lawyers on till I found a Person told me why you do not call your congressman.The only reason the officers did not arrested me because one of them saw how my children was cried on me, and he's been on my house several time for complaint I made .Every second we get million of million person discriminated, now it get worst and worst .you cannot live a life not a better life because the place you come from or the color of skins.what is good the give whole kind sentences Electric Chair, life in prison, at the same time we sent people in Mars .USA is mother land of democratie.It not like Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, or Irag. But I'm one of the victim added in this second Thanks. Job Delouis
  29th of Oct, 2008
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Dear yahoo,
I have been a loyal customer for many years but your coverage of the election has not been bias. In fact there are blatant lies in your cover story on Oct 29, 2008. Point of fact your candidate McCain has narrowed nothing. Obama has gained in CO and FL.
I counted your stories covering obama and mccain and palen. Yahoo skipped over Obama's gains and ran misleading statement by Mccain and Palen. A misleading statement is a calculated lie because the orator intentionally is leading the unfortunate listener to ideas like Obama the terrorist, the Socialist etc... I expected you to run the facts, not what Fox tells you.
With that said I am replacing yahoo. You are very replaceable. I am so tied of the mud slinging and yahoo has made it impossible for a citizen to make informed decisions.

JP Sabella
  5th of Nov, 2010
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Please look up the term "Yellow Press"! Then ask "Who owns these Networks"?
  5th of Nov, 2010
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the idea is to wonder if any one individual might own or control a Network, and what agenda they promote. If you understand that people like Ted Turner, who was married to Jane Fonda (remember Vietnam), pay these reporter's checks, you might understand why the media is one sided.
  5th of Nov, 2010
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Does anyone know that industry made America great? They have left stocking jobs (@ Walmart) for the Middle Class, and destroyed our industrial base. Can anyone say "Big Tariffs" in Washington? Reduce taxes imposed here in the U.S. and impose a huge Tariff on goods made on foreign soil NOW, or you [censor]s will be voted out of office too!
  28th of Mar, 2011
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really bad news
  28th of Mar, 2011
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  10th of Jan, 2013
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you put the wrong name out during the newtown mass killing. That was a stupid mistake and showed how little you check out your source.You should have got Ryan' killed for something that he did not do. If i was Ryan i would sue you for every dime that i could get out of you.This poor job on the part of your workers is the reason why CNN is rated so low as a new agency.Also this idiot Piers Morgan needs to be shipped back to his home. if we the american people want to change our constitution that is our right but this idiot needs to stay out of this. He is a stupid dip and i can say nothing good for him. In the last month you have had two people pushed under a train in New York City. What are you going to do forbid the use of the trains? Let face it we have a moral problem with in our society. It start with taking god out of our schools and the failure of our church.We have americans that is out to get more money at the cost of our country. A good example in the traitor(Al Gore).We now have Al Jazeera in the good ole USA.Let the main media set on that because it is ok and say nothing about the traitor Al Gore.We should shove his money and his live body on a airline flight to Saudi Arabia where he can spend that money. He has it coming.He is a traitor and will go down as a Benedict Arnold of our time.

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