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Good day. In February 2017 I went to view and test drive a used 2006 Hyundai Tucson suv. During the test drive i experienced a vibration on the vehicle while braking which the sales person (Ashlyn) and manger (Manie) were aware of and asured me it will be sorted out. I was happy with this and did the relevant paperwork to purchase the vehicle. On delivery i was informed the issue was sorted out by means of the brake discs being skimmed and brake pads being replaced, i was happy with this but unfortunately i had to contact the dealerships within the first 7 days to complain about the same vibration. I took the vehicle back and they took all the tyres off and rebalanced them and was assured it was sorted out. About 3 weeks later I unfortunately had to complain once again about this same vibration issue. The vehicle went back and once again all tyres removed, balancing and alignment done. I went back a third time and was told the dealership has invented to much money into the vehicle and they can not assist anymore. Now 2 and a half months into owning this vehicle the vibration is still here but alot worse, the steering wheel shudders terribly during breaking and sounds like a truck. On Tuesday 16/5/2017 i returned once again to the dealership and spoke to the Brands Manager (Jonathan Bisset) which got very defensive and said its a wear and tear part and unfortunately can not help me. Then after about 30 minutes of me arguing with him he got a quotation of R1886.70 to replace 2 front brake dics and pads of which he will pay R1000 and the balance if for me to pay. I specifically went to a reputable dealerships to avoid this type bad service. I do understand it is a wear and tear part but the vibration issue that everyone was aware of before i purchased the vehicle still has not been rectified and i was reassured time and time again that it will be sorted out. I do not think it is fair to make me pay for these repairs when the dealership should have resolved it the first time (or second or third time). I would appreciate some feedback regarding this matter. I am not very impressed nor happy with the service ive received from a dealerships i thought was pretty high up on the scales. Regards Wayne Scheepers (cell [protected])

May 19, 2017

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