Clearview Plumbing and Heating / unreasonable charges for simply leak repair

Calgary, AB, Canada
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I do not recommend ClearView plumbing. They are unreasonably expensive. I had a tiny leak in a Poly B pipe in an undeveloped area of our basement. They came during regular business hours, not on an overtime or emergency basis. It was a simple fix that took 15 minutes and the bill was $379 after deducting a $40 coupon. This is outrageous. I had explained the leak in detail on the phone when I booked the appointment. I was simply told it would be $69 for the call. I showed the plumber a $188 invoice I had paid for a similar leak fixed by a different company. Why is their price more than double? He committed to have his boss call me back to discuss the issue. I did not receive a call. ClearView has my money this time, but I will never call them again and will be sure to advise all my friends not to call either. I can’t imagine they can stay in business long-term with this kind of unfair pricing.

Jun 13, 2017

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