Clarinsbad brand shopping experience

I sent this email to Clarins South Africa on Sunday. Till today I have not even had a response that they have received my email.:
I wish ro share my Clarins experience of today with you.
Off to Fourways mall to look at the Clarins products, which I have used in the past, and ready to look at the brand again, as I have read expensively on new products available.

My 1st stop was Red Square, The consultant wans not even interested in looking at my skin condition, after I told her about my dehydrated skin with dark spots appearing. She informed me they have nothing for aging skin, ...not interested in talking me though available products. Next stop was Truworths. The consultant at the Clarins counter was catching up with a friend, and advised me over her shoulder that "Sisi., no stock" She did turn around eventually, but then could not open the draw to look at samples as the draw was broken. The lady at the Gatineau counter could see my disappointment and was more than willing to take me though the products they have available. I think she is definitely an asset to their brand. Off to Woolworths, where I am sure I will get served.
Had to explain my skin condition twice to 2 ladies at the Clarins counter, who kept on asking me to wait they will get the Clarins consultant. When she arrived. She said there was no stock available. I asked her to look at my skin and advise me on what I should consider using. She was also not interested, asked to to return in the week? Off to Dischem, where the assistant shoved 2 samples of Super Restorative day cream in my hand and brushing me off, not even listening to my needs. She just said "that is all I have"

I felt this is necessary to advise a superior brand, like yours, of the damage that is being done, by untrained, and unwilling assistants in the outlets.

It was truly a let down by this brand.

Kind Regards
Samantha Dempsey

Jul 31, 2018

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