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I had a ticket cancellation Booking number: CB-1988894 for which citybookers have deducted 20KW and promised rest of the amount will be refunded in 21 working days. It is more than 30 working days and still the amount has not been refunded to my account. I have emailed twice to citybookers from my email [protected] but I have not received any reply.
There was no response from the call center, the call would take 10 to 12 mins to connect with out any fruitful results. I have lost 20% of the refundable amount on calls till now.
Kindly help me to get the refund.

Date of Booking: 17th April 2018
Date of cancellation: 17th April 2018
Cancellation Booking number: CB-1988894

May 29, 2018
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  •   May 30, 2018

    There is no confirmation of the reservation, which is 6 simbols, not CB-1988894

    If you need to recover debt from this agent, request the charge.
    Kindly attach
    - your dull name, country, email, phone evening contact
    - each receipts of this agent,
    - notifications of this agent
    in your request.

    manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations
    antispam (at)[email protected]

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  • Ae
      Jun 04, 2018

    @Complainant20091 I have attached email confirmation from one of the agents that the ticket is cancelled by deducting 20 Kwd and the remaining amount will be returned to my account in 21 working days.

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  •   Jun 07, 2018

    @Aejaz To get a promise is not to get the monetory refund. The rest is explained for you. Reragrds.

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  •   Jun 04, 2018

    fraud, if you have it // we recover debt for small charge, see contacts and doc for request

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