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This reservation was done on 31.5.2018 and still not ticketed at airline side and the reservation is cancelled (Booking ref#ZCD74). Pls send me confirmed ticket with ticket number by return. It's really bad that you are not completing the process even after one week. I have made numerous email communication and phone calls and I was promised to finalise the ticket on 7.6.2018 and it was never followed


Jun 08, 2018
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  •   Jun 09, 2018

    Mr. Mohamed Ashraf Varikkoden,
    It is very unlikely that this agent will do anything good in your favor or
    the chances to get a refund are close to zero with such agent.

    If you want to process the claim for refund/compensation against this agent,
    kindly make a request with:-
    - your full name, natinality, email, city, phone for sms / voice contact [protected]
    - the receipt, which you got from in .PDF or in best image format
    - your e-ticket, if you have it, in .PDF or in best image format
    - few additional simple documents will be requested later.
    to e-mail:

    Kindly substitute antispam protection (at)[email protected] .

    After you have submitted these documents, you can expect charges
    - USD35/KWD11 against invoice before the claim, payment online by card,
    - 10% after the claim is satisfied and refund /compensation is issued in your favor, if not later than in 3 months.

    No claim can not be satisfied in your fvor or it can be started for processing, if
    - you delayed in the submission of the correct and full documents
    - you did not pay the service / eticket .

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    Kindly substitute antispam (at)[email protected] in e-mail header .

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