CityBookers / booking number cb1006407 - 25th oct 2017 receipt issued

I have booked and paid my tickets on 25th October with full confidence only to find out that after a month I will be receiving a call from CityBookers informing me that Emirates Airlines cancelled my booking thus they are offering me to fly with Philippine airlines instead or they will refund the full amount. How can that be when i got a confirmation from EK that my flight is confirmed but CityBookers cancelled the booking. i will definitely file a formal complaint to the police station with the help of Emirates confirmation if this issue is not resolved within this week. How can you do this to your customers and just leave us with no option less than 3 weeks before my flight when my emirates flight would cost me 4800 AED by now. Please look into this issue or I will have to seek for legal assistance

Nov 24, 2017

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