City Of Tshwane / power outage

Tshwane, South Africa
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Ref : 169/13
We have had an electricity outage since 10 am sun 13.11.2016 in brooklyn (pta east)
I have wasted 3hours making 3 separate calls to the municipality to no avail -12 hours later we are still without electricity.
Oh, but when I got thro to the call centre, I was told that the electricians had logged the area fault as fixed at 5 pm!! How?? Is there no supervision??
I was told by one of the call centre agents that the fault was due to branches touching the overhead lines - I told a park board crew a month ago and again on fri that the lines were touching especially because of the fallen branches - they could not do anything unless I made a call to the centre - logic defies on

Nov 13, 2016

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