City of Anaheim Complaints & Reviews

City of Anaheim / illegal occupancy

Jul 06, 2018

Grace Bible Church of Anaheim 2550 W. Orange Avenue, Anaheim, California 92804 A left room next to the sanctuary has a homeless man named Joshua Collins staying for at least six months. We understand due to social and economy hardship BUT this room is not equipped for long term resident...

City of Anaheim / anaheim public library

Feb 07, 2018

Came to the Anaheim public library, spoke with Nisa who explained that they don't allow adults in the children's section. The difference is that the 2 adults I had with me were high functioning adults with disabilities. I explained that they don't have library card and that I'm not their...

City of Anaheim / disney willow park upgrade

Sep 24, 2017

Disney supposedly Redesigned and upgraded the Playground at Willow Park yesterday in Anaheim and they had thousands of people and politicians there congratulating themselves for "Upgrading the Playground!" Well the Playground they took down was ten times the small children's equipment and swing...

Anaheim PD / Murder


Anaheim PDI was raised In Anaheim since a very small boy, and have always feel involved watching the local Police conduct daily activities, almost like backup. I later went on to serve in the army and trained in combat training and law enforcement training, after my time in the army i came home to...