City Of Tshwane / no electricity for 3 days due to crap prepaid meter

Pretoria, South Africa
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I am using a prepaid meter from city of tshwane, on wednesday our lights just went off and we were unable to add units and we called city of tshwane call center to report the matter and we were told that a technician will be sent to us within 4-5 hours and we were given a reference: 22/1. We waited wednesday, thursday and friday and the technician did not come. We called the call center after more than an hour of waiting on the phone the person answered told us rubbish and they just decided to put the phone on side, we could hear voices on the other side but she decided that she is not going to talk to us until we hangup the phone.

This is the extremely worst service, we have a baby that needs formula and for 3 days we cannot do baby's formula, and we cannot cook and other food got rotten in the fridges while we do not owe anyone, we are using prepaid meter. Why do we have to suffer always to receive a service that we are paying for from government? Now they want us to vote them and yet we are living without electricity as if we owe them!

I wish all the voters can vote the current city of tshwane administration out for good. My heart has been painful for the past 3 days, knowing that there is nothing I can do but just to live in the dark until someone decides to come and fix their crap meter.

Jul 02, 2016

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