City Of Tshwane Municipality / excessive account for water on account [protected]

Centurion, South Africa Review updated:

With reference to the above account I refer to my telephonic conversation with anri oelose on 20 march 2014 (ref no [protected]), water meter cm7809 was replaced by the council on 08/07/2013, who on enquiry stated that it was defective (stuck).

The water meter was in fact not stuck but shut off as the water pipes are not attached to any pipes within the crystal park complex. When the metre was replace the water flowed into the complex and subsequently into the unit closest to the metre.

Nico schmulian of the water demand management department came out to crystal park on 16 september 2013 to inspect the connection and is able to confirm that the meter is not attached to the complex water and that any water flowing from this pipe is actually going to waste. A photo of the connection or lack thereof into the complex was submitted to nico on 11 september 2013.

We have once again shut off the meter to prevent any further water going to waste.

This water wastage was as a result of negligence on behalf of the council department who replace the metre without checking to see whether it was faulty. The fault was not reported by the owners of crystal park and neither was the replacement of the metre discussed with any of the owners or the managing agents.

The above query has been raised numerously with a number of people at the council with no resolve to date.

Below is a list of some people and dates on which we have contacted the council:

Angela oliphant – 06/08/2013
Christell engelbrecht – 07/08/2013
Angela oliphant – 07/08/2013
Christell engelbrecht – 27/08/2013
Christell engelbrecht – 03/09/2013
Nico schmulian – 03/09/2013
Nico schmulian – 12/09/2013
Nico schumlian – 16/09/2013
Customer care - 30/10/2013
Customer care - 31/10/2013
Customer care – 01/11/2013
Customer care – 22/11/2013
Customer care – 22/01/2014
Ella mohloare - 18/06/2014
Ella mohloare - 24/06/2014
Ella mohloare - 26/06/2014
Ella mohloare - 27/06/2014
Anri oelofse - 03/07/2014
Ella mohloare - 07/07/2014
Customer care - 07/07/2014
Anri oelofse - 09/07/2014
Ella mohloare - 15/07/2014
Ella mohloare - 25/08/2014
Ella mohloare - 03/09/2014
Ella mohloare, anri oelofse, christelle engelbrecht, nico schmulian - 03/11/2014
Darryl cassell - 22/12/2014
Darryl cassell - 12/01/2015
Darryl cassell - 23/01/2015
Darry cassell, nico schmulian, christell engelbrecht - 24/02/2015
Darry cassell, nico schmulian, christell engelbrecht - 17/03/2015
Water deparment - 30/04/2015
Darry cassell, nico schmulian, christell engelbrecht, customer care - 17/03/2015
All of the above receipiants - 19/8/2015

Aug 19, 2015
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