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Account number: [protected]
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1334 More Street

To whom it may concern,
Can someone please explain, what is miscellaneous charges?
Now I am paying R1 206.85 of something that I don’t know.
I will also copy the ombudsman on this subject, plus we have been getting a lot of concern calls from ordinary people.
Please help us understand this thing that is milking us dry.

Mathews Mpete


  • To
    Tom De Waal Nov 02, 2017

    To whom it may concern:
    PLEASE assist me. As I don't get any feedback from customer-care department.
    Our Oct 2017 Tshwane account also has an amount of R5260-00 "Miscellaneous Charges" added.
    I tried to phone the customer-care no but was cut off numerous times with no explanation, now I can't get through to any of the tel numbers.
    Acc: 8001369471 Tiegervalley 19 Trust
    Please give ASAP feedback on this [email protected]
    Tom de Waal

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  • Ma
    Makabedi Feb 12, 2018

    I also have a same problem when I asked at municipality I was told that if there is a change when using the water that's when you have to pay miscellaneous my concern is that I'm always away due to work now I have been charged more for something I'm not using, municipality takes advantage and over charge people we need to come together and fight this it's not fair

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  • Ma
    Makabedi Feb 12, 2018

    Now I get paid last day of the month municipality statement says I have to pay on the 26th February I called costomer service they say I can't decide on payment date so im asking myself hore who decides on this dates why was I consulted before deciding on that date? Now I don't know where will I get the money

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  • Wi
    Wilson St Mok Moabelo Apr 15, 2018

    I moved into my father in law's house and it was owing R12000 and the previous owner had electricity meter bridge. I called City of Tshwane twice and they never came for assistance the only thing they did they added R20000 on what I owe. After going from Piller to post we decided to pay the amount outstanding via an agreement, we were told to pop out an huge amount that we don't even have. So I decided to pay R2000 every month and I get charged R1084.00 on Miscellaneous Charges, what is that?????????.
    If this goes on we need to make a plan this can't go on.

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  • Mr
    Mr Martin Mahlangu May 07, 2018

    Martin Mahlangu... 07th of May 2018

    I am failing to understand how miscellaneous charges can be so high I was charged R36823.75 just a month ago and now it's R44696.51 . I want to understand how this happened . I think from now on if the manucipality still wants to send residents [censored] water and electricity statements there should also be a letter explaining how each charge came about. This is unacceptable. Instead of the government helping those that are unable to pay such they want to take more money. This is the reason why South Africa will always be spoken low of in other countries. The government is not our backbone just like other government in other countries are..

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  • Le
    Lephina Sep 04, 2018

    I'm also one of the confused people. My mother is 68 and staying alone in the house, . She comes Friday and leave Monday mornings evertytime. I was surprised when I got a municipal letter saying I must pay R2467 miscellaneous charges. I fail to understand how can a person staying alone, in fact a person who cones home only on weekends could spent so much in a month.

    Why aren't this guys even responding!!!

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  • Th
    Thabo Molobetsi Nov 19, 2018

    I have the same issue regarding the miscellaneous charges . Tshwane does not care about their customers. You apply for a prepaid meter and you wait for more than two year so that they can bill you on estimates. I am not sure is there any one who have received feedback regarding their complaint.



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  • Ts
    Tsholofelo Mabote Jan 08, 2019

    I also have a problem with miscellaneous charges that have due date at the end of the month. I have logged an online query, called the call centre and asked on twitter and still no feedback from city of tshwane. Charges are imposed on us and we are not given proper explanation and consulted when such decisions are made. I'm highly disappointed.

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  • Rs
    R'something Nov 20, 2019

    Dear City of Tshwane Mayor,

    Can you please look into the issue of miscellaneous charges? We're being stripped off bear naked by your people.

    I stopped using geyser in the house because of high electricity bills, now I have to pay R854 of miscellaneous charges, of something that I don’t know. Where do you people think we get this money, must a stop paying and stay in the dark.

    Please help us understand this thing that is milking us dry.

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  • RiaM Nov 26, 2019

    I have the same problem I have just been charged R854 for Miscellaneous Charges without any explanation of what it is and how it came about.

    I'm angry and disappointed at City Of Tshwane, they have no regard for us and no consideration on us, some of us are struggling with work and can barely keep up on the high estimated electricity charges.
    I'm furious with City of Tshwane. Bloody Money Suckers.

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